Code Red [chapter 18]

Code Red [chapter 21]

Code Red [chapter 18]
Code red chapter 18

Debrah was puzzled, she couldn’t agree with the fact that the code wants her to do a secret Job, was this Draga’s personal issue? Even if it is, what business has Draga with Sofia?
Something isn’t playing out well, she could feel it. Things are about to go more complicated than it is already. How does she go for the kill now that Niklaus is interested in Sofia? Oh, she remembers, his memory is wiped already, so he might not even remember her. It would be an easy kill for her, although she still speculated on the motive behind the mission. What if the code denies the fact that she was sent on a secret mission and withdrew her license for going for a kill without the permission of the code? How does she find out who sent the order? How does she find out if the code actually sent her on this mission?

“I saw a room, and a picture of myself in a soldier uniform means i must have been a soldier marris”

Niklaus began when he got back to his lair

” Entirely possible sir, and with how you described the scene it seems the woman with you is likely to be someone close, maybe your wife?”

Marris suggested but Niklaus waved it off.

” Not so sure, I have never had the feeling that I had a partner in the past”
Niklaus replied, took his jacket, and headed for the door when marris made a statement.

“You mean the past you don’t remember?”
He stopped and looked back to Marris like he discovered something.

“Yeaaah, a past I don’t remember”
He muttered it repeatedly before he turned to go.
He drove back to the office and met Sofia engrossed in the pile of files on her desk. He had bombarded her with loads of work, so she doesn’t even have the time to pry into his life.

He cleared his throat and caught her attention, her eyes were dim and he could see it despite the fact that she had a Google on. The line of perspiration on her forehead denoted the stress she had gone through.

“I see you are quite busy”
He commented and watched her shrugged it off.

” If my boss wants me to, who am I to object? I don’t want to get screamed at again”

She went back to her work with a slight frown that spoke of displeasure.

“Is this about the other day? I am sorry I screamed at you, how about we go get dinner together”

She stopped, her heartbeat doubled, is this it? her plans is working so fast already?

“Like now? You.. you.. wanna take me on a date?”

“If that’s what you call it”

” Well okay, umm, lemme just finish up”

” Leave it, I’ll ask someone to finish it up, put on your jacket, it’s cold outside”

He was just at the gate when he held her hand, she wasn’t fooled, she knew his show of affection was because he needed something, perhaps a piece of information from her. He should know she isn’t daft that she can’t read his motives.

Debrah watched them both from her car just outside the gate, her eyes were going to tear up for staring too hard. Is this Sofia with her man? With Niklaus? In his company? Oh! Is she working for him already, she had gone to look for Sofia at the bar but was stunned to hear she was sacked and she got another job already, it was unbelievable when the bar owner had told her where Sofia got employed so she came over to see for herself.

This could only mean one thing. Quickly she fumbled through her bag to find her phone.
“Hello, Draga?”


“We have a problem, the drugs didn’t work”

She was surprised when Draga responded

” I know”

“Wait what? You knew?”

What the hell is going on, Draga knew the drugs didn’t work and he didn’t tell her? How did he find out?

Jessy and Jan had a mutual agreement, she would secretly go over to China and dig out all she can find about the black sand and it’s the connection with code507, while Jan would remain in the city, tracking Sofia and Niklaus. It was already 24hours after she left when Mike called for another briefing, Jan reluctantly joined the others in the board room, he had no interest in whatever Mike was going to say. He had contacted the CIA to confirm Mike’s true identity, the CIA had given no response yet, once it comes he is going to maim Mike immediately.

“For 5years the code has always been ahead of the police, has evaded every trap, every plan because the code knows where it going to go down, how it is been planned, the code knows everything!”

Mike began with a more serious facial expression.

There was an uncomfortable silence for a while before he began.

“It means only one thing”

The expression of the faces he addressed proved a few were already seeing things from his angle.

“The code is in this precinct, Jessy is the code”

He dropped the bombshell, and it exploded right in Jan’s ear, things were about to go from worse to ugly.

Code Red


Code Red [chapter 18]

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