Code Red [chapter 17]

Code Red [chapter 21]

Code Red [chapter 17]
Code Red chapter 17

Jan and Jessy started out of the hall after the briefing, Jessy could read the lines visibly spelled out on Jan’s forehead, she knew just what he was thinking about.

“What do you think about this Mike?”

Jessy started up the conversation and a tighter frown appeared on Jan’s face.

“I don’t trust that bastard, he appears from nowhere and claims to be a CIA agent, the CIA doesn’t just wake up one morning and send their agent to a precinct, they work independently on their own, it then begs the question, is this so-called Mike really a CIA agent or he is an enemy?”

Jessy had her suspicions too.

” And the chief? He brought Mike in, I think they are both up to something, I have never trusted that new chief, his ways are crooked”

Jan replied now almost whispering.
” He has got some skeleton I’ll dig out, but first, I need to be on Sofia’s tail, she would help get me to where that Niklaus of a guy is, this all thing is getting complicated now, you don’t even know who to trust”

Sofia could picture Niklaus’ stern face when he warned that she is not allowed into his office without permission but then, he should know she won’t listen anyway.
She walked up to the door and heaved a sigh before she checked if the door was locked. Surprisingly it wasn’t jammed locked. Is Niklaus being stupid or he forgot to lock the door; maybe this is some kind of trap or something, anyway she is going in.

The office was extremely spacious compared to hers, cushion chair was squarely arrayed, two split air conditioners, a massive glass table, illustration of different RPG games hanging on the walls, she wasn’t done curbing the office when Niklaus walked it.

“I think I should have you sacked”

She shook and stammered on seeing his hard expression.

” I emm, the phone… The phone rang.. so I emm…”

She pointed to the telephone on a shelf and realized she was just being stupid on seeing he was clearly not convinced.

He kept his hard stare on her until she blurted out the truth partially.

“Okay, the truth is I was curious about why you do not want me in your office until you call for me. I had suspicions I needed to clear out, the more reason I am here… In your office”

He started towards her and covered the distance between them, her breath went unstable, she couldn’t tell if she was scared or enthralled by him.

“This, should not happen again, I won’t repeat myself”

He said sternly and was going to move on when he noticed a piece of thread on her hair.

“There is a thread on your hair”
He said and reached to touch her hair but she shivered and held his hand.

” Please don’t, I won’t be able to stand on my feet”

His memories triggered. The same voice, the same wordings, it was blur but the words were concise.
Please don’t, I won’t be able to stand on my feet
It rang in his head and his vision caught a room, he was standing with a woman, her face was blur but he was touching her hair, over to the wall opposite them was a portrait of himself in a soldier uniform.

Please don’t, I won’t be able to stand on my feet he remembered how the woman had said then while she held his hand, the same way Sofia held his hand.

“Emm, boss… Boss? Niklaus!”

Sofia screamed out when he began to shiver, she released his hand in her grip and cupped his cheeks in her hands.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, I’m fine…what’s your full name Sofia?

Sofia felt it was totally an absurd question at the moment.


“Tell me”

“Sofia Allen”

“Okay go, leave me…”

“But are you… “

” Now!”

Debrah sat adjacent Draga while he received a call, she had no idea who it was so she waited till he was done before she began with her report.

“I dropped 3 pills into his glass of wine and he drank it in my presence, how do I know it has taken effect”

Draga stared at her, not looking totally convinced.

“The same way it happened ten years ago, he would forget even his name, gradually, so you have to be there to help him gain his alliance back with code”

” Isn’t that bad for us, like we have to start working on him afresh to remember he is an assassin of the code?”

Draga leaned forward with a smile.

” Well the beautiful thing about the pills is it silences his past and awakens his life as an assassin, so his memories would be about his successful missions and his life in code red”

Debrah heaved a sigh and stood up before she asked.
“So mission accomplished?”

“Not so fast, the code has an undercover job for you. Not the regular one cos you are carrying out this job secretly, not even Niklaus should sense your intentions”

A frown appeared on Debrah’s forehead since when does the code ask for secret missions, it should be clearly stated, a file and clear negotiations on her target, in fact, it is always tagged in the hive until such person has been successfully assassinated.

“Why the secret mission?”

“Because you are already part of the board, you had a meeting with the code, that should tell you something, the board sees you as part of them now, the more reason the code is trusting you with this mission”

Draga handed over a folded piece of paper to her. She slowly opened and read it out.

“Kill Sofia Allen”

Code red


Code Red [chapter 17]

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  1. This story is so captivating, you might be surprised Niklaus and Sofia might be married b4 his memories got flushed…. I can’t wait to see the relationship between those two

  2. More complicated 😩 Abel might just come tomorrow and say Sophia is a secret agent 🙄 Nothing will suprise me again

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