Code Red [chapter 16]

Code Red [chapter 21]

Code Red [chapter 16]
Code red chapter 16

Niklaus smile went to Oblivion when he noticed Sofia was not finding the name funny, he had reasoned she sincerely liked the name, but it is now obvious there is something fishy about the name.

“Why? What is wrong with calling you, Miss Maria”

” Everything, everything is wrong about it… Sir”

She cautioned herself when she was about to explode, she needs to adjust and be conscious of the fact that he is now her boss.

This is plainly not the time to push further, he sighed calmly and opened his arms to declare to her that they were actually in her new office.

“This is your office, i am just a door away and I will call you when I need you. I repeat I will call you only when I need you, you are not allowed to enter my office until I call for you, understood?”

She nodded and he turned to go but then he stopped and turned to meet her deceptive innocent expression.

“Why do I have a feeling that you are not going to obey what I just said?”

” Oh me? No not at all, you the boss, of course, I’ll listen sir”

He stood Staring at her for a moment before he cleared the awkward silence when he responded

“I am going out, familiarize yourself with your office and the facilities, there is some cash in your drawer for your upkeep, also let me know what you would like to be paid when I get back”

That was it, he was gone. She steadily sat in her massive cushion chair and brought out her mini jotter. She had written a list on how to discover if Niklaus is code507.
First on her list was

‘Get close to him’

With a sigh she muttered,

“Step one accomplished, now it’s step two”
She stared intently at the number 2 on her list, schemes she had on how to achieve it were already webbed in her head. She has a mission, that must be accomplished.

Niklaus drove to his lair, a quiet hideout only himself and his sidekick had access to. The code had access to his house, but not his lair. He drove deep into the woods and parked his car meters away, changed his appearance to a new identity before he went into his lair. Morris, his sidekick knew him with another face, not the face of Niklaus Robinson.

“Morris, run the test”

He jilted the man who had several scientific tools and books littered on his table.

“Come lie here, stay still”

He instructed and pushed the needle into Niklaus’ vein. Niklaus pondered on Sofia’s puzzled face when he called her miss maria while Morris ran the test.

“You are free sir, the alkaline worked, no effect of the pills in your bloodstream, your memory figments are still intact”

Niklaus smiled and went to his board filled with different figments of his past. At every point he remembers, he gets a similar object that represents what he remembers and places it on his board. He had Sofia’s picture in the middle.

“You know the best part to win a battle, is to ensure your enemy feel they have won, and then you launch a surprise attack”

Niklaus continued as he studied the board, Inspector Jan’s photo stood at the other end.

“I still don’t find a good reason why you had to give Jan a clue about yourself”
Morris disagreed and joined him at the board.

” In due time Morris, you’ll understand. One thing the code has always taught me is to be one step ahead. But I am no fool, the code is a mystery, you cannot tell which way they’ll turn, you cannot tell if I have fooled them or not, it’s all still complicated until I find out who runs the system”

Morris didn’t follow so he asked

” I don’t understand”

” It’s a simple question Morris, WHO IS THE CODE?”

Jan was summoned to the new chief of police’s office, he knew the man never liked his guts so he wasn’t surprised to see a strange male face seated in the chief’s office, one look he could tell he was an agent.

“Jan, the is agent Mike, from THE CIA, he has more expertise on how to get code507, you either drop the case or you handover all information you have and work closely with him”

Jan was obviously not pleased, but he was smart not to oppose it.

“It will be my pleasure sir”

He reached out to the defiant masculine man sitting with a dark shade on.

“It would be a pleasure to work with you, if you don’t mind I would love to get you started immediately with all the information I have”

Mike smiled in response and followed after Jan. He asked for every other inspector to meet them in the board room for a quick briefing on how to start the case.
He appeared in the board room when they were all seated.

“I wanna ask a question, for over 10years code507 has been in operation, 5 years this precinct has failed to maim our common enemy, why?”

There was silence until Jake, a rather thin man, responded.

“Because he is always one step ahead of us”

He did well to avoid Jan’s eyes, the truth had to be told.

“Good, but that’s not all”

He switched on the screen in front and began.

“An organization has existed for God knows how long, and their primary purpose is to kill high profiled men of the city, they have caused war against nations after nations and yet they mingle under our noses, they are ruthless, accurate and are ten times above their counterpart. They breed over a thousand assassins scattered all over the world. In 1956 they were called the punishers in 1987 it changed to The hive
Time after Time, many have tried to track these assassins but they have failed and even you have failed”

Mike looked straight to Jan and repeated.
” You have failed”

That’s it, Jan got mad.

“This would do us a lot of good if you tell us how this relates to Code507 the serial killer, the assassin, the real assassin that’s out there probably planning the next mission, all you have said here are dry histories!”

Mike giggled at Jan’s outburst and continued.

“In 1999 they changed to another name… Now listen, I will tell you why you have failed and keep failing, it’s simple, you are pursuing the wrong person…. In 1999 they changed the name to Code Red

Jan saw a little sense now, the name ‘code red’ actually matches the name ‘Code507’ So he cleared his throat and asked.

“So how do we get code507”

“wrong question, what we are looking for is code red. And the question you should ask is, WHO IS THE CODE?

Code Red


Code Red [chapter 16]

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