Code Red [chapter 15]

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Code Red [chapter 15]
Code Red chapter 15

Niklaus sighed as the warm water trailed down his body, Sofia’s smile filled his mind, who is this woman? He remembered the night he saved her in the rain, the connection, the thrill, her voice… He stopped the shower and fitted his towel around his waist.

It was Debrah, fully ready for him, she sat on his bed with her hands open to receive him.
She stood up when he lingered and held him from behind, her cleavage that parted her breast were seductively visible for him to see.

“Niklaus, touch me”
She called out when he hesitated, she couldn’t believe Niklaus would be difficult to seduce, it was never this way before. Oh that woman, she has succeeded in capturing the mind of her man, well, not for long.

“Come, let’s have a toast, a toast to us”

Niklaus looked to the wine she poured out and nodded to her vices. He followed her like a sheep to the slaughter and gulped down the wine till every last drop in the glass cup was safely in his tummy.

With a smile of satisfaction Debrah held him so close to herself, this is her man now, no more stories of the past.

Just that Niklaus smiled to himself, in this game of the code, he has learnt to always be one step ahead.

“You called me Jan, what’s the lead?”

Jessy dropped her bag when she got into Jan’s office and asked.

Jan stood staring at his board, Jessy joined him and was a bit pleased when she saw Sofia’s picture pinned to his board…

“Oh, she is now a suspect Jan? I mean Sofia”
She asked looking interested now.

” I am sure you are pleased to see that Sofia is now a suspect”
Jan retorted, he knew Jessy had always loved him, but then, he preferred Sofia, he had his reasons he felt Jessy might never understand.

“Me? No, no… This is a case, a sensitive one, so I need to ask questions, also you mentioned you were going to China in search of the origin of the black sand”
She replied trying to act formal, but it really didn’t work out well for her, her facial expressions betrayed her, but Jan ignored and shifted his focus to the board.

“Believe it or not, code507 saved Sofia from an assassination, it begs the question why? Is Sofia an accomplice? Not just that, a man with the same eyes as this bastard appeared in the bar yesterday, Sofia was all over him, I could tell with just a stare that they have a history together. He is too methodical to be ignored. He discovered the micro tracker I placed on his shoulder, even a well trained CIA agent cannot discover that tracker, but he did. I tried trailing him when he was out of the bar and it took him two turns to totally lose me, my search for over 5years has come to an end Jessy, it is sad that Sofia has a connection to this murderer and she would be used as bait or be treated as a criminal if the need arises”

Jessy took a while before she chipped in.

” I have an idea on how we can get started with Sofia”

Sofia started towards Jupiter firms with less confidence than she always has. Mariam did not buy into her claims that she met with Niklaus Robinson and that she has been offered a job to be his personal secretary.

“Sofia did you hit your head somewhere? Or are you having strange dreams lately?”

She remembered how Mariam questioned in disbelief. She didn’t say much because she didn’t even fully believe it was actually happening.

“Hello, umm, I was told to resume work today”
She was halted by the security, as she explained herself.

The fierce-looking man stared at her with disgust and disbelief.

“You? Where is your appointment letter please?”

His question made her rethink, she has been scammed? Oh dear, she has no appointment letter, she didn’t even ask Niklaus the other day.

“Emm, it’s Niklaus, he told me to resume today as his personal secretary”

The security man’s tightened face gave way for a peal of uncontrollable laughter.

“You? You? The boss’s personal secretary? What do you think of this place? A garage? Sorry, ma’am, I think you’ve found yourself in the wrong place. Boss would not opt for a woman as unkept as you are”

His words infuriated and as unreasonable as she can be, she landed a slap in his strong cheek.

“That’s for calling me unkept you son of a bitch”

The man was obviously going to retaliate but Niklaus was there to save the day…

“You won’t dare unless you no longer value your job”

Niklaus announced his presence, took Sofia by the hand, and led her into the massive skyscraper, totally ignoring the security man who knelt begging for his wrongdoings.

“Go in there and change your filthy clothes into something better”
Sofia was sure she remained calm because he had a little grip on her heart, she was sure a slap would have corrected his mouth for calling her filthy.

She went into a massive wardrobe fitted to her office just a door away from Niklaus’ office. Niklaus waited till she reappeared with an ash-colored suit, a silver heels, and an Italian wristwatch fitted about her hands.

“Beautiful, beautiful miss Maria”

She paused, her heart missed, not again, he said it again, she won’t let this one by, her breath went unstable as she asked…

“Who are you? Just who are you? Only one man calls me Maria?”

Code Red


Code Red [chapter 15]

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