Code Red [chapter 14]

Code Red [chapter 21]

Code Red [chapter 14]
Code red chapter 14

Sofia understood Jan’s gesture didn’t connote comfortability. His receptive smile in receiving Niklaus’ handshake will not substitute the fact that he was an inspector and that he wouldn’t give in to qualitative research. She felt she just made Niklaus prone to more danger; she couldn’t tell if Niklaus was wise to show himself to Jan, or if he had a plan?

“Emm, Niklaus, I will get you your bottle of beer if you would sit over there, while I… “

Her hands extended and touched Jan to get his attention before she continued.

“While I attend to my guest”

Niklaus smiled, oh what a smile she thought, is she being enamored by this man’s masculinity? Oh dear, she took several sighs as she watched him walked over to his seat by the window pane.

“Give me a minute, I have to talk to that guy”

Jan said and was going to go ahead to Niklaus’ table but Sofia halted him and shook her head disapprovingly.

“Why do I have a feeling that you are planning to start a fight here”

Jan ignored and hurried to Niklaus’ table with a feigned smile.

” Niklaus, right?… I must say you are not the kind of man we find lurking around in the dark crannies of the city, you are too high profiled I presume”

He leaned forward expecting a reply from Niklaus who only smiled to the corner of his lips.

“I see you are the quiet one, I’m beginning to like you already, we just have one problem, Sofia is a woman who belongs to someone who isn’t going to entertain side crushes”

Niklaus remained quiet while Sofia hurried to join the scene with a bottle of beer. She wiped the table to ensure there isn’t any dust susceptibly hanging about.

“Here you go”

She placed the bottle and beer and turned to Jan trying to communicate with her eyes but Jan paid no attention.

“If you would excuse us, Sofia”
Niklaus expected Sofia to linger but surprisingly she turned to leave, although reluctantly. Niklaus reasoned quickly, the other day he saved her he noticed she wore a sad look just after Jan had kissed her, is she happy with Jan? Or there is a reason she has to stick with him?

“As I mentioned earlier…”

Jan attempted to continue but Niklaus butted in.

“Sofia is yours until she claims she is, until then, let the lady chose for herself, after all, you are a better man than I am, or you are not?”

Niklaus said as he poured out the beer in a tumbler.

Jan feigned a quick laugh, of course, he knew Niklaus knew it was feigned.

“You know I think I like you… Oh, i have said that before haven’t I?”

He stood up, walked to Niklaus, placed a hand in his shoulder and bent to whisper to his ear

“We would definitely meet again, Niklaus”

Niklaus watched him walk out of the bar after he had signaled Sofia to meet him outside. Steadily he reached for his shoulder and knocked off the mini tracker Jan had placed on him, cleared his throat and continued with his beer.

When he noticed Sofia was back on the counter he started towards her and drop his contact card on the counter where she could see.

“How would you like to work in Jupiter firms as my personal secretary?”

Sofia’s mouth stood agape in disbelief. Jupiter firms is the biggest RPG game company in the city.

“How… How?”
She questioned as she picked his card to examine it, the owner of Jupiter firms is Niklaus Robinson. Although she had never seen his face, all she heard was the name.
Her eyes went wide on seeing his full name neatly spelled on his card. It was him, Niklaus Robinson!

She made a pause, she really wants to be so close to this man, it would help her find out who he really is? And also why is he suddenly trying to get her close to him, not anyone can venture into Jupiter firms.

She looked up to him caressing the card in her hands. She didn’t want him to think she was some gold digger who wants to jump at the offer because of the money.

“You’ll resume tomorrow at 8 am, don’t be late”
He concluded without waiting to hear what she had to say.

That’s it? This man has got some guts

” Give me a minute”
She removed her apron and called.

The middle-aged plumpy man responded from behind the curtains.
“Yes bitch, do you work and stop…”

He was interrupted with a resounding slap from Sofia.
” That! That is for touching my ass the other day you fool!”

Derek who happened to be the bar owner stood, obviously flabbergasted on what transpired in a matter of seconds, and then the impending adrenaline prompted him to utter the inevitable.
“You are fired!”

“No no no… I quit fool!”

All the while Niklaus watched with amazement, his eyes teared for laughter. What a woman! But then before she hurried back to the counter he was gone, again. She noticed the small note he left on the counter and read it out.

“Don’t be late miss Maria”

Her heart missed as eyes went wide, miss Maria? Only one person has ever called her that name…

Jan ignited his car and followed after Niklaus the moment he came out of the bar, but unfortunately, it took Niklaus two quick turns to totally whisk past Jan.
Jan was certain it was code507; Niklaus was able to detect the mini tracker he placed on his shoulder and it took him a matter of minutes to totally lose him behind, this is no ordinary man.
He parked his car and called up Jessy.
“Hello, Jessy, I’ve found him. I found code507”

Debrah waited in her car for Niklaus to arrive home and when he did she followed him in. He simply remained mute as she tailed him from behind till they were both seated in his exquisite sitting room.

“I know you really do not want to see now Niklaus”
She said as she walked over to his mini bar to pick a bottle of fine wine and two glass cups. All the while Niklaus remained mute as he took off his clothes and Started towards his bedroom.

Debrah, in turn, pulled off her clothes leaving just her panties and followed him with the wine in her grip.

“Go, have your bath, I’ll wait for you”

She said as she sat on his bed with both her bra and panties off her sultry body.

He kept quiet still and went into his bathroom.

“Just one pill is enough to keep his memory locked for 5years”

Draga words resounded in her mind again. But then, she wasn’t satisfied with just one pill. She pulled out 3 tiny pills she had kept buried in her panties and dip them into the glass of wine she poured out for him, if he is to forget his past, then she would ensure he forgets about it totally.

Code red


Code Red [chapter 14]

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