Code Red [chapter 13]

Code Red [chapter 21]

Code Red [chapter 13]
Code red chapter 13

Jan sat pensively as he watched the CCTV footage of the previous night with code507. He watched how he was knocked out and how Sofia was shielded from a bullet.

He got up and paced to and fro, stopping consequently to review the footage. It was obvious the bullet came from another angle, and code507 was obviously aware.

“He didn’t want any hurt to come to Sofia”
He muttered with his hands crossed.

” The question is, why?”

Debrah reported to the code on request, she had to be a part of an indispensable meeting, Draga had contacted the Code, nobody knew who the code is, he was always invincible in consequent meetings, all that was heard is his voice.

She counted herself lucky to be among the board meeting, well, of course, she had a piece of information that was of utmost importance to them.


She was scanned at the threshold to the hive but surprisingly got rejected.

“Unauthorized entry”
The machine replied methodically until Draga appeared from behind dressed his usual white coat.

“Let her in”

He requested and the door opened to Debrah.

“Tell us Code466 about your disturbing claims about Code507”

The code spoke when they were all seated, Debrah stood up and combed the hall with her eyes hoping to see the code but she could only hear his voice.

“Sir, code507 is exhibiting sentiments for a woman he claims help him remember figments of his past, we all know it’s trouble if he eventually remembers”
She said and sat when there was an uncomfortable silence.

“Code507 should be kept pristinely clean of his past, I believe this is a task Draga has been appointed to do? Code507 is a successful prototype of the code’s life work, it cannot be overridden by carelessness”

Draga knew he was being addressed so he stood up and nodded in affirmation.

“It is understood that Draga has slackened in his task and would be duly punished. The pills would be made available, ensure code507 takes it, Debrah”

Debrah shook in fear when she heard her name assigned to the task.

” Do not fail the code”

The voice went inaudible before she uttered a word.
Draga revealed a blue pill to her and whispered,

“put this in his drink, one sip will keep his memory locked for 5 years. The more the pills, the more the effect, how many do you need?”

Debrah did not hesitate to request
” I need over a hundred”

Niklaus parked his car outside the bar, he refused to accept that he is being enamored by Sofia’s beauty or her connection to his past, but he was certain that she was the key to discovering who he really was.

He sighed and stepped into the bar, his aura was heavily alluring as he gained admiration from onlookers.

Sofia was a bit distracted talking to her supposed fiance, but it didn’t take long before she saw him and her mouth stood agape. Jan, her fiance had wanted to have a quality time with Sofia, he needed Information as to why Code507 saved her, and from whom she saved her.

He had found it difficult to convince Sofia for a day out so they could talk, he was still trying to rhetorically talk her in when he noticed her attention shifted to something else, or maybe, someone else.

He turned to see the masculine man walking towards them.

“Hello Sofia, a bottle of beer please”

Jan stood with his eyes fixed on Niklaus, he methodically studied him while Sofia appeared mesmerized with his presence.

“Sofia who his this man?”
He questioned in jealousy and insecurity.

He obviously snapped Sofia out of her reverie.

“Oh, umm, this is emm.. my emm.. favorite customer, he comes here every day, Jan meet… “

She tried to do an introduction but realized she didn’t even know his name…

“Niklaus, my name is Niklaus”

Niklaus helped her out and faced Jan with his hands extended for a handshake; Jan accepted his hands but then, their eyes met!

It’s him, Jan knew it, those eyes, oh those eyes! It’s him!

Code red

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Code Red [chapter 13]

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