Code Red [chapter 12]

Code Red [chapter 21]

A plumpy middle-aged man called from behind, no doubt he owned the bar, his expression spoke of displeasure.

“I… Am sorry sir, I’ll clean this up”
Sofia quickly responded as she avoided Niklaus’ eyes. Her hands were trembling as she tried to clean up the mess, all the while Niklaus stood with crossed hands.

“Emm, I’ll go have my sit and come back when you are done”
He said and got no reply from her. She focused on getting the pieces of bottles off her counter.
She couldn’t believe she was disorganized, she has practiced on how to face code507 when she sees him eventually, she didn’t imagine she would lose her grip. She was scared and anxious, he was the most dangerous assassin in the city, probably in the world.

But hey, on a second thought she might be mistaken. No way, it is him, it is the same exact voice. While she bent she took a deep breath and assured herself she was brave enough to face him now.

“Sorry about…”

She stood up and discovered he was already far seated in his usual seat by the window pane.

She hurriedly scoop two bottles of beer in her grip and got to this table.

“Here you go, sir”

Her hands were trembling, and she hated her stupid hands for not conforming to her self acclaimed strong will.

“Are you okay?”

He asked and she trembled the more, his voice where like quick sharp scissors cutting through her spine.

“Yeah… Yeah… I am, i mean why wouldn’t I be”

She dropped both beers on his table.

” I requested for one beer”

He called when she turned to go.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I should probably return one”

She attempted to pick one but missed, and it was going to fall to the ground again but Niklaus quick reflexes where at his best as usual, he caught it and handed it over to her. She lingered staring at him, and began analyzing how fast he caught the bottle of beer, there is no doubt, it is code 507

“I think you should calm down” he advised
She felt embarrassed. She took the beer and attempted to leave when she stopped halfway, countless thoughts running through her mind.

She wanted to ask him, she has to confirm if he is the one, but how does she do that? Oh, she just walks up to him and asks,

‘hey, you are code507 the most dangerous assassin on planet Earth and you saved me the other day right?’

She felt stupid immediately, the guy would have her killed immediately. Although she didn’t have a plan yet she turned to meet his calm expression.

“Emm, I wanna ask you something…”

He replied sipping his beer.

Her heart began to throb so hard that she could hear it, she opened her mouth and began to stutter.

“Do you happen to.. to.. to emm.. to be… I mean…”

“I think you should have some rest, maybe a day off would do you some good, you looked quite stressed”

He interrupted and she felt stupid again.

” Yeah right, I think I should”

She hurried to the counter and when she turned to look over his table, he was gone! He was gone? He left! She couldn’t believe it! How and why did he leave?

She hurried out of the bar and ran a few meters across the street in search of him but not even a trace connoted he was just in the bar.

“She suspects you already Niklaus”

Debrah notified while she sat with Niklaus in his Lamborghini, they both watched as she ran through the streets in search of him.

“I know…”

“You got too close to her, you’ve given yourself away, it’s only a matter of time before she discovers it’s you, she has to be smoked” Debrah began with her unfinished business.

” Debrah I will take your first attempt as stupidity, of which you have totally gotten rid of, you speak of sentiments yet you went after a soul without a direct order of the code, perhaps the code should know, let’s see how they congratulate you on a job well done”

“Is that a threat? Huh, Klaus?”

“not at all, no harm must come to that woman, she has a connection to my past, I can feel it, I had a figment of my memories the moment I got so close to her”

Niklaus continued while Debrah remained quiet. She stepped out of his car and fitted to her own car. She waited for Niklaus to drive off before she called Draga.

“Hello Draga, we have a problem, it’s Niklaus, he’s starting to remember”

Code red


Code Red [chapter 12]

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