Code Red [chapter 11]

Code Red [chapter 21]

Code Red [chapter 11]
Code red chapter 11

Sofia was certain she had a new quest apart from her daily routine. She could barely think straight, subconsciously she found herself touching her cheeks to feel his warm blood dripping down to her lips; is she crazy? She felt she would burst from curiosity.

“Do you trust me?”
His gentle words reverberated in her mind, she remembered it so clearly, he was mild, gentle, reassuring… Oh damn, she can’t do this, she has to see this man.

“His eyes, his eyes, I can never forget his eyes, those brown eyes man, they were brown”
Jan muttered while he pondered on why code507 had a chance to kill him and didn’t.

“He was extremely fast, that’s no human, I have never been in physical combat with him before, I shot there bullets at the bastard and he moved past them like they were pieces of paper Jessy”

Jeasy sat adjacent to Jan’s table with a blank look on her face. She had advised Jan repeatedly to drop the case, but he would not.

“Maybe he came to sound a warning, to show you that if had want to kill you, he can easily do it”
Jessy made a lot of sense but Jan wasn’t convinced..

” Then he should have finish the Job, cos now I am going to get him down, I can’t, I can’t…I can’t forget his eyes… I can’t…”

Niklaus grunted as he tended to his wound, his reflexes twitched, his memory had a grip on something the moment he touched her, he had a flash of woman, a woman who had the same voice with that bartender! Same voice!
He poured out a vinegar and exhaled mildly.

He could understand why he felt so attached to her now, she must be a part of the past he can’t remember, that is the only explanation.

Well, apart from the fact that he is going to protect her now, he is going to figure just who she is, and how she connects to his past, damn the Code, they won’t stop him.

“His eyes Mariam, his eyes were brown and warm, I have never seen anything like it girl, I might sound crazy but I have never found a man so soft and mild, I feel… stupid right? “
Sofia sat opposite her roommate in her one room apartment while she tried to explain just what she felt but Mariam wasn’t falling for It

“Oh yes Sofia, extremely stupid cos the person you are talking about here is an assassin”
Mariam said with a disdain look.

“An assassin? An assassin? But he saved me Mariam, he… “

“Listen to yourself Sofia, listen to yourself! How are you sure he saved you? Girl that man is the most wanted assassin in this city, he kills with anything as little as a toothpick! And you claimed he saved you?”

Sofia realised it was totally useless talking to Mariam about it, no one believed her, she felt she would burst, no one wants to listen, no one believes the most deadliest assassin saved her.
Where does she start from, where?

She didn’t have to look long, Niklaus appeared in the bar the next day, he walked steadily to the counter.

Sofia saw him and her expression changed, she doesn’t like the man for anything but the moment he opened his mouth and requested.

“A Bottle of beer pls”

The the two bottle of beer she had in her grip fell as she trembled.

It is the same voice with code507, yes it is!

Code red


Code Red [chapter 11]

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  1. So Sofia’s voice sounds like someone’s voice he knew……… he is going to find out, Sofia too wants to find something out about him too……

    Wow, this is getting interesting, shift,lemme enjoy(smiles).

  2. Wow,wow you are indeed the grand son of Achebe the great Nigerian writer,I look forward to read more of your novels.
    It’s mind-blowing indeed

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