Code Red chapter 10

Code Red [chapter 21]

[Marhattan bar 10:45 pm]

What insolence! Niklaus thought, he felt like shredding his eyes from his socket!

He could not tell the exact feeling he had bubbling inside him, but he was sure of one thing. He was angry! Could be because inspector Jan is smooching his bartender, or because the lady he is staking his life for doesn’t even give a damn about him! Is this jealousy he felt? Hell no, not for this saucy and uncultured woman.

He tightened his fist and turned his back to go but then suddenly it began to rain, he stopped, different thoughts flooding his mind.

This is actually an opportunity to snuff inspector Jan once and for all. Inspector Jan is foolish without a guard of any sort, this is an opportunity to end the 5 years grudges between them.

He glanced at his wristwatch and noticed the time was near, in 5 minutes two things are going to happen, and it all depends on the move he is going to make.

He felt he was cowering under an excuse to actually save his bartender from the cruel hands of Debby, excuse or not, he is making his move.

His bartender sat just close to his favorite sitting position at a windowpane, obviously having a chat with her professed lover, it didn’t look like a happy one from where he could see them. Her head was bowed and he could notice she was muttering some words which he could obviously not hear.

After having a great time smooching her lover, why would she cower behind a sad mood?

He stood across the street, still contemplating on what to do! Time isn’t what he should mess with…

Soon he noticed they were going to come out in the rain when his bartender revealed an umbrella from under her table. Inspector Jan’s car is parked outside the bar a perfect spot where Debrah would get a clean shot.

Just as they stepped out he noticed the thin dim light hovering from a rooftop, he knew exactly what it was, a McMillan Tac 50 sniper. The code called it the Big Mac, and it is used for special missions done during the dark. McMillan TAC 50 is a 50 caliber top-rated sniper rifle. Big Mac holds the record of having shot the longest (confirmed kill) shot at 2657 yards in the world! And in the history of the code.

If Debrah is using this sniper then she is Keen on seeing the bartender dead on one touch.

With speed, he made his move and dashed to the bar from the other side of the street. Jan was first to notice a man on black dashing towards them with a supposed evil intention.

Quickly he drew his lover behind him and drew out his gun.

“Stop or I’ll shoot”

He threatened! the thunderclaps adding a more tense volume to his threats.

Surprisingly it didn’t stop Niklaus’ pace… Jan realized and fire thrice but this is no ordinary man, he swayed past the bullets in a zigzag manner, faster than any human could.

All the while the bartender screamed on top of her voice, it was happening way too fast for her to comprehend.

Jan threw a fist in a bid to stop but before he made an attempt Niklaus stood face to face with him, staring deep into his eyes, just a breathe away. Tension rose, the rain raged and before Jan made a move Niklaus knocked him off balance, caught his fist and made a hit at the back of his head, he fell unconscious.

Debrah got a clean shot now, she released the bullet! There was no much time, the bartender kept screaming on top of her voice that it alerted a police patrol in the next street.

Niklaus leaped to her direction, and swiftly took her on a turn against the wall, unfortunately, the bullet bruised his arm and the bits of blood touched her cheeks.

Her heart stopped as he grimaced in pain, the sniper’s bullet Pierce through the wall to hit the vase placed on a table in the bar.

It was one bullet, and Debrah was extremely pissed Niklaus blew her chance, it wasn’t the end for her.

He stood shielding her against the wall, his eyes locked on hers.

“Don’t make a sound, you are safe with me”

He said and she nodded, his deep brown eyes were assuring, she looked to Jan, he laid unconscious in the rain.

Niklaus was certain Debrah would not make another move as long as he shielded the bartender.

And when he was certain that coast was clear he took a deep breathe and asked.

“Do you trust me?”

The rain had drenched the bits of his blood on her cheeks, except the one on her lips. He wiped it off and sent waves down her spine, her legs wobbled and could barely carry her.

“Yes, I do, I trust you”

Is she mad? She doesn’t know who this guy is, but damn there was something about his eyes, this man took a bullet to save her!

“Close your eyes”

She nodded nervously at his words and closed her eyes, she expected their lips to meet, just like the movies but instead, a strange voice made her realize she was all alone.

“Ma’am! Ma’am are you okay”

The policemen who heard her screams asked on seeing her stand against the wall with both her eyes shut.

“I emm, I… Am okay… He was just here”

“Who ma’am?”

One of them asked and the other was quick to answer on seeing the mark scripted on the wall.

“It’s code507!”

Jan woke up immediately!

“What! Sofia, Did he hurt you?”

He hurried to Sofia, the bartender. Sofia only shook her head, what was she supposed to say, that she was saved by the most deadly assassin in the city?

At that point, she didn’t care what or how dangerous they say he is, she is going to find him, even if it costs her life

Code Red


Code Red chapter 10

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  2. This is getting more interesting Abel love ride on….you have de talent of a prodigy… Sophia will lead to him being discovered by Jan…..well Sophia isn’t so bad like we think….debrah drop the stuff.

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