Code Red [chapter 9]

Code Red [chapter 21]

Niklaus knew the inevitable will happen if he decides to sit this one out. He pondered on how he would be able to get this bartender to understand that her life is only secure if she listens to him.

Although he had nothing up his sleeves neither was there any planned speech to convince this lady, he started towards the counter and surprisingly met her apologetic eyes.

“Look, am sorry for what happened okay, I guess I lost it, but no matter what I should be able to keep my adrenaline in check”

Of what use is her apology now, he wondered. Steadily he moved closer to the counter and dropped his cash before he requested.

“Can you come closer?”
An instant suspicious frown appeared on her forehead. This is the umpteenth time she has thought this man to be some villain, why does he want her close to him.

“Okay nigga, I apologized doesn’t mean you have to overstep your boundaries, it’s called boundaries for a reason”

He wasn’t moved with her rebuffing response, he was more keen on keeping her safe, and so he pressed on.

“Just come close, there is something on…”

He made a gesture to her neck that made her ran her hands all over her neck up to her jaw to find nothing.

“Sorry mister, nothing is there, and do you mind, I have customers to attend to”

He was really growing impatient with her, he has never met any woman this adamant. If she isn’t enthralled with his masculinity then at least his money should make her submissive, but then, none was positive on this adamant woman.

He looked behind him to ensure only a few eyes were partially focused on both of them before he stretched out and reach for the back of her neck. He was quick so before she attempted to fight him off he was done with his mission.

“What the hell! You… You are crazy you know that!”
She screamed at him as he walked out of the bar.

“Insolence, ignorance, stupidity…”
He muttered as he reached for his computerized wristwatch to turn on the mini tracker he fixed at the back of her neck. He could still hear her bickering a few meters from his ride, he wondered what’s so special about this woman that intrigues him, she is totally the opposite of his high profiled personality.

He was time conscious, the bar closes by 11pm, he knew it would be the perfect time for Debrah, she had just 2 hours to get the job done. He didn’t wonder why Debrah would want to kill the Bartender, it is specifically who she is, unforgiving and unapologetic, she has been trained to kill without sentiments from birth. As for him, well he can’t remember when his journey started, all his remembers was his first kill 10 years back.

He got back to his apartment and sensed an unusual presence; he knew just who it is, only a member of the code can penetrate his defense mechanism.


He called out when he noticed the old man sitting close to the transparent window pane.

“Niklaus, come… Come sit with me”
Niklaus sighed, this is certainly not the time.

“Not now old man”
He bluffed and attempted to excuse himself when Draga called

“Debrah told me about some disturbing issues going on between you two, she mentioned you are being sentimental”

Niklaus stopped with his suit hanging around his arms.

“Well that was quick, I mean we just parted ways not up to an hour and she has called to sprout nonsense”

“Niklaus, Debrah will not call me up if it isn’t a matter of concern… I raised you both since when you both were kids… “

” You raised Debrah, Draga, you raised her, she’s your kid not me”

Niklaus interrupted Draga, he had never believed he was part of the family Draga professed.

“Niklaus I raised you as my son since you were 5… “

” Then why can’t I remember any of that precious memory you’ve always professed! I remember absolutely nothing, all I remember is the mission, slaughtering men in cold blood!”

Niklaus was losing it, he always hated it when Draga referred to a past he can’t remember.

“I told you before, you had an accident, it affected your brain so you can’t…”

“Oh spare me those crappy stories… “

Niklaus was obviously not interested and he resumed his interest in taking a cold shower when Draga called again

“Debrah mentioned you are showing affection for a bartender, that should stop Niklaus, you know how dangerous it would be if the code finds out”

Niklaus remained quiet and watched as Draga started out of his apartment.

“The Code is strict when it comes to its rules, and it would not spare anyone, not even you”

He stopped shoulder to shoulder with Niklaus and muttered so he could hear before he stepped out.

Niklaus remained mute till he was sure Draga was out of sight.

Although he knew Debrah would go-ahead to tell Draga, he didn’t fathom it would be this early. He knew exactly what’s at stake if Draga is aware, it means the radar would be on the bartender.

Quick he rushed his bath and fitted into a comfier disguised arsenal with a face mask to keep his identity a secret.

It was 9:45 pm and he was back at the bar, hanging around a few meters across the street. He watched out for every sniper rifle angle and did a quick calculation of which would best fit for Debrah.

He was still surveying when he saw the bartender exchanging emotional pleasantries with an enemy of the Code.

He was sure he saw correctly, it was Inspector Jan kissing his beloved bartender

Code Red


Code Red [chapter 9]

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