Code Red [chapter 8]

Code Red [chapter 21]

[7:45 am Manhattan bar Broadway]

Debrah tightened her fist on the table as she watched him walk over to the counter. Is he out of his mind? Who the hell is that woman? She could already tell that woman is big trouble, she saw the look in his eyes when he stared at her, he was lost and captured in that woman’s web. Debrah attempted to stand up and hurry after him but she waved the thought off the next minute, she believed Niklaus is wise, he would do the right thing.

“Hey, let her be, she is just being stupid, here is 10 dollars to plead for her stupidity”

Klaus announced his presence at the counter with a few dollars extended to the bully.

It took the hefty man a while to snatch the money, apparently, he didn’t believe he was going to get such money on a platter of gold, so he took his time to ensure it wasn’t a prank.

“She is free, for now”
He warned hoping he would find this gentleman in the bar again so he can earn more money.

He released his grip on her, made a threatening gesture and hurried to his table.

“Who is the manager of…”

She won’t let him drop statement when she fired at him

” What? So I should applaud your sorry ass for calling me stupid? Is that how you save the day? When a man like you would pop that nigga’ ass. Who needs your damn money anyway. I am not stupid alright, maybe you are stupid for not minding your business!”

He stood there not knowing which is perfect for the scene, get angry and spill on how ungrateful she was or simply walk away.
After a few minutes, he picked option two. Steadily he adjusted his suit and headed back to his table.

“That’s didn’t end well for you”
Debrah teased when he sat back.

“Mind your business Debrah”

He replied and sipped from his beer, his cornered eyes hovered over her once more, she clearer looked disturbed, he was sure it wasn’t just the bully that was the issue.

She scampered through the tumblers and bottles effortlessly, wiping off the dust from the counter and filling up drinks in the refrigerator simultaneously.

“Who does he think he is? Calling me stupid?”

She muttered in disguise, the thought of the scene gave her mixed feelings. He is supposed to beat the hell out of that bully.

Oh! She remembers him now, he is the guy from the other day who offered everyone in the queue ten dollars to give way for him!

Oh! Her adrenaline increased, what the nerve he has, who is he to think he can pester everyone with is Godforsaken money! She began to boil, she wasn’t sure she could keep it in. After a few risky thoughts, she concluded it might not be too risky to walk over to his table and let out her anger, at least in a low tone.

“Your bitch is coming”
Debrah announced in displeasure the moment she noticed the gorgeous bartender walking over to their table.

“Probably to apologize, which I totally understand”

Niklaus made a boast, he was sure she felt sorry for her initial response to his help until she stood right in front of him with narrowed eyes.

“You were the guy, it was you, you used the word bastard on my customers the other day for 10 dollars, and today you called me stupid!”

Debrah looked to Niklaus to see he was just as surprised as she was. Does this bartender know she could be lying dead in seconds if Niklaus decides to use the toothpicks arrayed in tumbler right in front of him?

“Huh? It was you right? That’s it for you rich people, you think everyone is a piece of crap”

She wasn’t done when Debrah butt in

“but that’s who you actually are, a piss of crap”

The bartender wasn’t thinking, she bit her lips and curbed the bar with her eyes to ensure the manager wasn’t anywhere near. When she was sure she landed a hot slap on Debrah’s fine cheek.

“That’s for butting into a business that doesn’t concern you!”

Niklaus giggled from where he sat, obviously this bartender has got some guts, he knew Debrah still remained on her seat expecting him to act but he remained calm; he poured out a cup full of beer and sipped quietly.

Debrah waited for a few minutes without response for Niklaus before she stood up and threw a quick fist that would knock the bartender off but then Niklaus was extremely fast, more like the speed of sound, he caught Debrah’s fist just inches away from an impact.

“Go, leave here”
He turned to the bartender who wanted to retaliate but gave in to Niklaus’ warning eyes.

“This isn’t over yet”
She warned and hurried back to the counter. She was talking to the deadliest assassins in the city with confidence.

“I’m gonna smoke her this night! I promise, I will”
Debrah promised with a stern face, she was damn serious.

” You will do no such thing Debrah”

“Is that a threat? Cos if you know me, you would know that the bitch is already six feet under the ground for her insolence. And what is this Klaus, where do you know that woman from? Why are you defending her? Is the code aware you now keep sentiments… “

There was a long pause before Debrah continued

“I am gonna kill her this night”

“And as I said, you will do no such thing”

His words infuriated her, she was definitely going to carry out her threats and he knew it. She stood up and gulped the last of her beer before she responded.

“Watch me, and ensure you watch the news this night for the update, no one messes with me, you know that”

She was gone, and he knew it might be the last day on Earth for his precious bartender.

Code Red


Code Red [chapter 8]

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  1. Nicklaus is smart… He didn’t break the rules and then he saved the day😁😁 I don’t blame the bartender for being rude… Nicklaus called her stupid… What do you expect??

  2. And that bartender is sooo rude for my liking tho….. Debora dear just let her be….watch out Nicklaus….ab fiction once more thanks

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