Code Red [chapter 7]

Code Red [chapter 21]

[6:45 am Northwell health hospital Newark]

“I am what? Are you out of your mind Jessy? The real criminal is out there, you know this, you know how long we’ve been on his tail”
Jan tried to explain and realized his right hand had been cuffed to his hospital bed already.

“Jan, you took the chief out of the premises secretly, why? To have him murdered?”

Jessy responded trying to prove her point.

“Oh come on Jessy, Thomas advised I…”

“Thomas is dead, you get that? He is dead, so who is gonna believe you now?”

She made a point, and Jan realized he has been framed again. Jessy sighed and covered the distance between them, steadily she revealed the keys to the handcuffs and released Jan.

“Look Jan, code507 is going to get you in trouble, this is the 5th time I have saved you from losing your job, I don’t know if I can do anything if this happens again, you have to be careful with this assassin, face the fact that he is always one step ahead of you. Maybe you should change your tactics or allow someone else takes up this case”

Jan’s eyes went red
” Never, that bastard killed the man who meant the world to me, I will get him down even with the last drop of my blood, I swear it”

There was silence for a while as Jessy stared intently at him

“Not all wishes come through Jan”

She said hoping to convince Jan but she failed, he was determined to have his way.

[7:45 pm Manhattan bar]

Niklaus had promised himself never to come back to the bar where he saw her, but somehow he drove there after the mission. Unfortunately, he could not find her at the counter, he wondered what must have happened, she stopped working or she was sacked?

He called for a bottle of beer and was about gulping it down when he noticed Debrah.

“What are you doing here?”

“Don’t ask me that, you left me after the mission was accomplished, that’s not the gentleman’s trait I have been teaching you”

Niklaus focused on his beer without saying a word.

“Look, I know you are not happy with all these missions, but look at the brighter side, this is what puts food on your table, see how wealthy you are, many crave to have what you have man”

Klaus remained silent still.

” So what Klaus, you are just going to keep quiet?”

He dropped his beer and was going to finally say something when he saw her appear on the counter, an angel in spotlight, she caught his attention in a manner he could not explain, like a spell, he was raptured in fantasies. She shone and beamed with enthralling smiles he had never seen before, what a woman, what an angel!

“Hey, Niklaus!”
Debrah had to snap her fingers across his face to snap him out of his reverie.

“What is this? Who is that woman?”

Niklaus pretended to focus on his beer to avoid Debrah questions but it really didn’t work out

“You are practically aware that we don’t keep sentiments, we don’t keep anything or anyone dear, we don’t keep families, it’s part of the number one rule of the code, this… “

” Debrah will you stop this nonsense, why are you following around anyway, they sent you to spy on me? I Could have handled this mission on my own without any aid or support, why were you tagged with me? Huh? Tell me? You are a spy”

Niklaus’ voice was thick and hoarse that it made Debrah mute for minutes until she noticed Niklaus’ attention turned to the bar’s bully who was already making trouble with his fantasized bartender.

“I’m not paying for any shit bitch! And you are coming with me”

The bully’s voice reverberated in the bar that it got everyone’s attention.

“No Niklaus, you won’t move from where you sit, you won’t dare, that doesn’t concern you, you can’t risk it”

Debrah began to caution when she noticed his fingers tapping the table in wrath.

He should stay put, he can’t risk it, the code states they fight for only the mission, it’s one of the rules. Well, not today, today he is gonna break one of the rules.
He adjusted his suit, stood up and started towards the counter

Code Red


Code Red [chapter 7]

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  1. It’s cool but that lady gonna lead to his defeat…I love Niklaus tho ND hate the job he does…good job thumbs up ND keep with the writing

  2. Code507 is starting to fall and he’s gonna make a mistake because of that…..Jan u will surely get your opportunity soon

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