Code Red [chapter 6]

Code Red [chapter 21]

Jan paced to and fro, his eyes were soiled with a mixture of fear and wrath, he was extremely thoughtful and tried to be a bit tactical this time.

There is nothing Code507 can do about this one, for over five years it has been the same old story, but not this time.

“If you would permit me, sir”
Thomas, his sidekick spoke up and drew near to Jan on his bid.

“Sir, this is not the first time Code507 has been one step ahead of us”

Jan’s expression tightened to a frown immediately.

” What is that supposed to me? That he is smarter than me?”
Jan asked feeling inferior to the most wanted assassin. He knew Thomas spoke the truth but as they say, ‘the truth is bitter’

“No not at all, on the contrary, I have an idea”

Jan gesticulated at his wristwatch, it was 10:45 pm, an hour left for the impossible to surface.

“Alright speak up, quickly…”
He turned and temporarily gave his attention to Thomas.

“At every given point of assassination, code507 makes a call”

Thomas paused to see if Jan got the point but the frown on Jan’s face proved he clearly did not get it.

Jan pushed further when he noticed Thomas has kept quiet for too long.

“And we go about bringing all the security we can find in this city, but still he comes and he gets his job done, don’t you think that this is exactly what he wants?”

Jan still had the frown on his face so Thomas went on

” I mean think about it, for five years it has been the same routine, at every successful kill we bring in more security but still we can get this guy, why? Because we do just what he wants”

“And what does he wants?”

“He wants all these securities lurking around”

Jan took another standing position, he could not tell if Thomas was making any sense

“So what are you saying, we should do away with the security, won’t that make it an easy kill for him?”

“No that’s not the point, the point is he wants us to remain in one position! That’s an easy kill for him. We have to move chief out of this place now!”

Jan’s eyes went wide when he realized Thomas made some sense. He took a quick turn and took a few security with him.

“Change of plans, we are moving chief out of this precinct secretly”

He pointed to two other swat team.

” You both, come with me”

And then he went over to the chief

” It’s okay chief, we have to leave this place now”

The chief didn’t sound convinced

“And where are we going Jan?”

Jan didn’t think of where they would go, so he just had to give a quick answer

“Someplace safe”
He muttered under his breathe and lifted the chief to his feet.

“I assure Mr. Gareth, you are going to be safe with us”
Thomas assured the chief as he followed from behind.

Quickly they stole through the back exit door and zoomed off in a police van.


“Who is driving?”
Jan was having a bad feeling, the two policemen in the front piloting the van were strangely quiet. Although it is normal for them to be quiet, it still felt odd because he has not seen their faces.

“It’s Bill and Mary sir”
Thomas whispered back with a reassuring look.

“Okay, Bill drive us to the safe house, we should be safe there till Dawn”

Jan instructed although he wasn’t convinced

Bill made a turn and headed for the safe house as instructed. Jan wondered why Bill didn’t utter a word when he passed the order.


“Bill, why didn’t you respond when I spoke to you, speak I want to hear from you”
The awkward silence propelled Jan to scream out

“Stop the van now!”

The Van stopped abruptly and Bill turned with a silencer in his hand.
“As you wish sir”

Jan was quick to knock off the pistol from his grip. The pistol fell on the chief’s thigh. He was smart, he hurriedly picked it and aimed at the assassins. It was code507!

Jan and his team attempted to open fire but both assassins were already out of the van.

An uncomfortable silence stood in their midst, perspiration was visible on Jan’s forehead.

“Everyone aim at the door”
Jan instructed

They all pointed their guns to the van’s threshold on Jan’s order.

A noise was heard and they all opened fire, except for chief who tried to release a shot and discovered the pistol he picked from code507 was empty. Instead, it beeped continuously till Jan realized just what it was.

“Everyone out now!”

He shouted and jumped out of the van before the explosion.

Hours later he opened his eyes in a hospital.

“Where is chief, where is Thomas, where is….”

Jan questioned the moment he opened his eyes to see his fellow inspector sitting adjacent to his hospital bed.

“They are all dead, you are the only survivor Jan and you are under arrest”

Code Red


Code Red [chapter 6]

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