Code Red [chapter 5]

Code Red [chapter 21]

Code Red [chapter 5]
Code Red chapter 5

Nicklaus narrowed his eyes on the file passed to him. He was quick to give his judgment.

“We can do this in 5 hours”

She gave him a gentle tap on his shoulder that made him shrug a bit.

“You know I love it when we are paired for a mission, who wouldn’t want to watch a handsome man slit some throat open”

She teased while she strapped on her seat belt.

“Knock it off Debrah, we both know we get paired when the mission is a bit difficult, strap on, let’s get to the hive”

” Ready for you Klaus”
She replied revealing she has been longed seated waiting for his move.

He made a sharp U-turn and zoomed to the hive. He led the way to Code Red with Debrah tailing him from behind.

“Oh he is here, my crush, be nice”

He heard the receptionist just before he extended his card for verification.

“Welcome Code507”

Debrah was quick to snap a finger across the woman’s eyes to catch her attention.

“Don’t you think focusing on your Job will do you a lot of good, Betty?”

She corrected and snatched her ID after she had been successfully verified.

“I don’t like that bitch”

“Yeah me too, but I think she has a better chance with my crush, sorry, your crush”

Betty’s narrowed eyes birthed an apology and an immediate correction.

” Code?”

“Code507, Code466”

They answered in unison and the door responded positively when it opened to them.

“What’s the cut?”

“$5000 in 24hours”

“And in 5hours?”


” Deal?”

” Deal”…

Nicklaus led the way out with Debrah by his side. She was the definition and tough and gentle. Her gold looking eyes were both mild and bold, her dark hair was rich and her skin shone brightly. Her slender figure suited her cat-walking steps, her composure was envied and desired. She was the definition of evil disguised as good.

“Make the call”

She handover the phone to Nicklaus while they alighted the elevator back to the open.

The chief’s voice rang from his end.

“This is Code507, prepare your house, you’ll die in the next 5hours at exactly 11:45 pm”

The chief’s voice became cloaked with fear, the phone fell from his hands. He knew it was the end for him.

“Hello, inspector Jan, my office now”

He called for Jan while he paced in his office.

“You looked troubled sir, is there….”

Inspector Jan was interrupted when the chief dropped the bombshell

” Code 507 called, I will die in the next 5 hours”

” What! No, no no! Not under my watch sir, No!”

Jan went mad, it can’t happen, the chief has been the father he never had, code507 can’t do this to him; the chief has picked him since he was boy, a boy who had no hope, lost in the streets and left to die. Chief had given him the life of purpose, he was everything he had.

“No this can’t happen, I will do everything within my power to stop this, there is no way that bastard would come into a police precinct, for God’s sake this is a police station! Is he mad? How can this be possible? He definitely wants to die! He can’t come and leave here alive, not on my watch!”

The chief was quiet, he sat pensively on his seat while Jan ranted. He didn’t respond even when Jan stomped out of the office to swing into action. A tear fell from his eyes, he knew it was the end for him.

Within an hour every TV station made a broadcast of Code507 intent to penetrate a police station on inspector Jan’s order. Every citizen was instructed to be on the watch for any suspicious move.

The entire police force arrived at the police station, the army was not left out, this time it was 5 helicopters hovering around and a two set of a SWAT team.

Inspector Jan was going to make sure that if Code507 makes an attempt, it would be his last mission!


Code Red [chapter 5]

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