Code Red [chapter 4]

Code Red [chapter 21]


His stare lingered on her as she passed tumblers from table to table, subconsciously he had his bottle of beer paused halfway to his lips. Her aura sank deep into his five senses, he could perceive the very depths of her even with the distance between them.

Her tall frame and slender body were like a victoria secret model. Her blue eyes, like the sea, were calm and emotionless. Long, wavy gold hair, so smooth and silky, almost as if it was tailored from gold fabric

Blue eyes, gold hair. A confident, sexy strut that tells the world, “I’m beautiful.”

Her apron fitted about her waist was just perfect, slightly untied but perfect. He adjusted his sitting position and took a sip from his tumbler. She must be new, this is his favourite bar, he had never seen her before. He was sure with the way men stood arrayed in a queue just to get at least a wink from this beauty, the sales of the bar would double up, and the owner would be wise to keep a hold on this astonishing bartender.

He imagined a life with her and waved it off the next minute, it all end in fantasies, it can’t go beyond the admiration.

He gulped down the beer in his tumbler and started towards the counter. He isn’t going to spend time waiting in a queue, so he cleared his throat and announced.

“5 dollars for any crap that steps aside”
All eyes turned to the handsome man who stood blest with masculinity. His suit and magnified composure were at its Apex.

“And who the hell are you? You stay in the damn queue”

An unconvinced hefty bully responded.

” 10 dollars for any bastard who steps aside”

He repeated and this time even the bully gave way and collected his share of the money with haste. Of course, he was sure he made a dramatic entrance, all eyes on him were soiled with admiration except for her. Her smiles disappeared to a frown, he could not figure what went wrong, she should be pleased to witness the show of his wealth, she should wish to be a beneficiary but instead, she looked directly to his eyes and spoke.

“You know what sir? You have got all the money in the world doesn’t give you the right to call anyone a bastard, that’s a foul language and extremely unprofessional for your looks”

She muttered and caught his attention when he settled his bill and turned to leave.

“Excuse me?”
Maybe he heard wrong, he was amazed. No woman had the temerity to stand up to him. Who is she to tell him what’s right or wrong?.

“You heard me”

She looked behind to ensure her boss isn’t lurking around before she whispered.

“And oh, I hate your cologne, it surprisingly stinks, pls don’t get pissed, I just got this Job”

He stood for a few seconds in amazement before he concluded.

“I like your guts”

All she did was a wink in response and went about her business.

“It seems you are falling for me already, you’ve been standing there for the past 20minutes”

She spoke so he could hear when her table was less occupied.

He cleared his throat, adjusted his suit and started out of the bar, there was no need for a response, he had made up his mind to never go back to the bar, it would be too risky for both of them.

She watched him with her cornered eyes as he walked out of the bar, what a man! She wondered; she lied about his cologne, it was quite the opposite of what she had noted it to be, it was alluring and speaking badly about it was the only way to ward him off so she could keep her composure.
Anyway, he looked like bad news and so she hoped she never set her eyes on him again.

“Stupid girl”
He muttered when he was settled in his Lamborghini.
He was going to ignite and zoom off when he sensed her presence.

“What is it code466?”

He asked and turned to her direction. Her suit is well-tailored with weapons fitted in it.
She gave him a gentle tap and responded.

“Drop the formality Nicklaus, you didn’t get the call? There is a Job for us, the target is the chief of police, 24hours time limit, suit up”

Code Red


Code Red [chapter 4]

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