Code Red [chapter 21]


It’s winter, and so the wind is preposterously wild, whistling Melodies and pulling off mild bulwarks on its part at the same time.

It’s extremely cold but completely different in Mr. White’s complex. The SWAT team has taken their position in every entrance, the building has been evacuated, all exit doors secured. The cops are arrayed in zigzag formation at every nook of the building. Security agents stick closely to Mr. White. He can’t be smoked, he is extremely essential as the prime minister of the country.

Two helicopters take on the duty of a watchdog as they patrolled to and fro over the building, looking out for any hidden snipper position.

It’s 8:50 pm and Mr. White is panting while he sat. He gesticulates at the time and turns to his agents.

“I need to leave this place, the bastard said I’ll die at exactly 8:45 pm”

It seemed rather impossible with the tight security, there is no way a man would break through except he is a god. Even for a god, it would be arduous.

“I advise we remain here for the next 24hours sir, here it is extremely secured. The team would be on standby until I say otherwise. Leaving this building would be precarious”

The Major in charge assured with his pistol in his grip.

It didn’t go well with Mr. White but he had to trust in the expertise of his Major.

The thought of his family flooded his mind; what if he dies today? What happens to his family, his business, his throne as a prime minister of this blessed country? He sat pensively for a minute and burst out in tears.
It cajoled the attention of his Major who hurried to his side.

“I don’t want to die, Smith, I don’t want to die, my family, my boy, today is his birthday, he’ll turn 17 today, he is all I have got”

He goes on to unveil the wristwatch he bought as a gift.

“See, I bought him this… Take this, if I don’t make it out of here, ensure you give this to my son”

“You will definitely get out of here alive sir… “

Smith tried to encourage but Mr. White could sense his death was near.

“Smith! Smith, take it and give it to my son. If I die today, tell him I was murdered by Code507”

[8:45 pm]

“With pleasure, sir, may the spirits guide your soul to eternal rest”

Mr. Smith responded, picked a pen off the office table and dug it deep into his Target’s esophagus.

The team is alerted! Mr. Smith is an imposter! It’s Code507! They try to open fire but he is quick, too quick to make their effort fruitless.

He opened up a tear gas and picked another pen off the table. He was accurate and precise, his reflexes are sharp, his muscles joisted his strength and movement, he maneuvered his way through the swat team, digging the pen through their gullets, each and every one of them fell dead.

Red alert! The cops and every other security agent swamped in to get him, all entrance was shut, the helicopters focused on both exit of the building hoping to see him exit the building,
but he was long gone, there was no logical explanation on how he was able to get past the tight security.

Mr. Smith was found unconscious underneath the stairs and then, Mr. White lifeless body laid stiff with a pen pierced deep into his gullet.

At the entrance of Mr. White’s office, the inscription (Code507)is written with dark ash.

Inspector Jan walks in with his team looking pissed.

“Dammit, I said it, I told them all, I know this guy, I have been tailing him for 5 years! 5 years, all these can’t stop him, did they listen? No, they didn’t, of course, I am talking nonsense”

While he sprouts the rest of his team goes on to inspect the swat team lying in a pool of blood.

“They are all dead sir”

“Of course they are”

Jan responded like he knew they would.

“He never makes a mistake, he is precise, he is quick, he has evaded every trap I’ve set over the years! How do I get this guy! How?”

Jan threw down the baton in his hands to express his frustration, there was an awkward atmosphere as the rest of his team maintain their shock in silence.

It was impossible for anyone to break through such tight security, how he did it still seemed like a mystery, they were sure they had no lapses.

“You’ll make a mistake one day Code507, and I will be there to utilize it, one day, just one day”

Jan muttered under his breathe and watched a group of medic rush in to attend to the bodies.

It didn’t take long for one of the medics to speak up on seeing the massacre.

“What the hell, what kind of assassin kills with a pen?”

Code Red



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