Code Red [chapter 21]


It’s a New Dawn, the earth is soiled with blood-red as wine, crow hovering around waiting for the perfect time to act.

The suit is tattered today, the shoes do not fit perfectly, the tie has lost its hold, and the white long sleeves are now soiled red.

A story will end today, a story filled with flowers birthed with thorns, it’s a red day, the code remains red, thrashed but still red.

He grunts and looks up to the sky, his eyes are dim and colourless, he knows it’s time, he knows the code, he had prepared for this all his life; the revolver in his grip isn’t going to do any good, it isn’t loaded, he didn’t do the needful because he wanted the impossible.

He didn’t try to pick himself up, instead, he lays facing the sky, bits of her smiles flooded his mind. Her soft tone and how it caressed his pains, her eyes and how it spoke to his heart. She was everything, she was his first and his last, his doing and his undoing. If she was doom then he gladly chose it. Her kiss played fresh in his mind, her touch kindles a burning fire within… Is this hate? Is it love?

What is the end for those who give in to the tempting whispers of love? Is there a remedy for being vulnerable? Is there regret, no there isn’t, not for him. He found peace, he found solace in the arms of a woman, it was stated the impossible but it happened, it was worth living for, it was worth fighting for.

Was this the end for him? he could not tell, but then he wanted it to be, would fate give in and grant him peace? Well, this is the life of anyone who walks the same path he walked.

No, this isn’t the end, it is the end of the beginning, for greater things would happen beyond the physical eyes.

The end says one thing, but the beginning has a promise, now the question is, how did this happen?
What’s the beginning and what’s the end?

Code Red

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