Code Red [chapter 21]




The evening is a little calm with just a few hoodlums stalling at every nook and cranny of Broadway, waiting for nightfall to have a few steal.

Beneath an heedless duplex down the street is
an underground disguised arsenal, quite busy with tons of files flying over to perturbed tables, suited men bustling with stern faces. The rush is quite manageable, it’s business, the code is red.

Telephones are strictly monitored, you make a mistake and you kiss the earth goodbye, it’s code red.

Down the hall is a restricted office with the inscription “The Code” it where business gets finalized. Soon a call is sent across and a transfer of money is verified.

The call is put across and within minutes he shows up; his wingtip suit is stylishly fashioned, his shoe is Italian, the dark shade fitted about his eyes is not the regular shade, the wristwatch on his wrist is pure diamond, his cologne is a bit harsh but alluring.
He has a tousled dark brown hair, which is thick and lustrous. He removes his shades on getting to the verification entrance. His eyes is a mesmerising deep ocean blue, flecks of silvery light performed ballets throughout. His face is strong and defined, his features molded from granite. He has dark eye brows, which slopes downwards in a serious expression. His perfect lips ripe for the kissing. His strong hands where visibly fitted against his suit.
“Welcome Code 507, here is your ID”
The feminine voice indicated and passed his ID over the counter.

“And emm, you look good, emm…have a nice…”

He won’t wait, he started towards the code room before she dropped her compliments.

“The guy is a dummy”
Another stalker popped her head up to interfere.

“Yeah but damn he is so hot, so hot… I’ll definitely get him”
She said as she watched him walk with masculinity.

” Haha, keep dreaming”
A short laugh with disbelief retorted.

He got to the threshold and place a gentle knock.


The voice rang from within

“Code 507”


The door opens up to him and he steps in

“Name is Thomas white, details is in here”

The file was passed across the moment he sat down.

“What’s the cut?”

“$500 thousand if accomplished in 24hours”

The voice spoke from a tinted glass set to keep the identity confidential.

“And If I get it done in 3hours time?”

“That would be $1000”



Swiftly he stepped out and called his target.

“Hello, Mr White”

“Yes, who is this, speak up I am busy”

“This is Code 507, prepare your house and say your goodbyes, you’ll die today at exactly 8:45pm”

The phone drops with Mr White’s hands trembling involuntarily.

He stood up and checked for any stray snipper hanging around before he wind up the window pane.

“Hello, I need every security in this building, notify the SWAT team and every agent under my influence to get to my company’s building within the next 30 minutes”

“What is it boss? Is there a problem”

Mr White felt he had to spill, this was simply ridiculous.

“Yes there is, I mean there is a problem. One son of a bitch called says he’s code507… Says i’m gonna die in the next 3 hours, by 8:45pm! Can you believe that? Like who does that? Ever heard of an assassin that calls his target to say this crap? He’s gonna die for sure if he dares come here”

The voice on the other end advised the next minute.

“Boss, if it’s Code507 then you should prepare your house and do everything you need to do sir, cos you’ll definitely die at exactly 8:45pm”

His heart throbbed against his chest, while he fumed he replied with a more agitated tone.

“Shut up and do as you’ve been ordered! Get me all the agents, the SWAT team, the securities, call the cops now or you lose you damn Job, understood! “

He ends the call and cursed under his breathe, glancing at his wristwatch he muttered.

“Let’s see who dies today, even if you are a god or whatever you are, you can’t get pass this, you’ve messed with the wrong man, oh yes you have”

Code Red



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  1. Ahh… The code507 must be a really good assassin… He told the man the time for his death😂😂

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