Zelda didn’t look scared, instead, he chuckled and spread his arms so wide to reveal the sudden wings that grew from his back.
“You won’t find me an easy match, Sara!”
He howled and more demons crept up, there was no stop to it, as long as he lived demons oozed out of him. Within minutes, before Sara stood an exceeding great army of demons.
He leaped into the sky, created a dark whirlwind and started towards Sara.
All the while Sara stood with fingers crossed, her eyes still glowed.
Quickly she sped and stood before the whirlwind that headed for the refuge. She stamped both her feet to the ground and emanated strong resistance energy. The ground began to quake and vibrate and soon the whirlwind dissolved. Zelda seized the opportunity to charge at Sara, but Sara was quick to detect his move, she made a quick turn to dodge his fist twice and teleported to stand at his back.
The demons were there to make sure Zelda had the upper hand. They hovered over Sara to overpower her but Arthur and Sally came striking with lightning! They stood before Zelda with wrath filled eyes.
“Sara! Kara is dying, you have to stop this fight now, she was struck with a spelled relic dagger”
Simra communicated to Sara’s mind.
“The Rakshasa blood can get us a cure”
Sally quickly chipped in. Sara’s quick look at her made her remind Sara with a taunting smile.
“I can read your thoughts, Sara, Remember”

“We need a quick plan, where is the Rakshasa?”
Sally was about to reveal she had it stuck to a tree when she saw the demon by Zelda’s side.
“You know I was just about to say I have that squeamish demon stuck”
She revealed with both hands on her waist.
“Okay, so what’s the plan?”
Arthur chipped in when he noticed Zelda led his troop at them.
“Quick one, Sara you continue with Zelda, Arthur you draw the attention of the demons, I’ll handle the Rakshasa. I am a little hungry though”
Sally made a quick plan but got a question-marked look glaring at her.
“What? So it’s forbidden to be hungry at a time like this”
Zelda was just a punch away so there was no time to reply. Sara raged, dodged Zelda’s first and grabbed him by the neck, she released a massive punch to his Jaw that pounced him up and before he landed she whipped him with her staff that he smashed against countless trees.
Arthur sped into the midst of the demons and made a charge of his lightning, soon an outburst of lightning blew a good number to dust!
Sally sped to pick up the Rakshasa again, the Rakshasa read her move, it knew what she needed and it was going to make sure she didn’t get it. Quickly it shapeshifted to look like the rest of the demons.
Sally stopped and placed her hands on her forehead.
“Oh no, not now dear Demon. See I called you dear despite the fact that you are some stinking piece of shit, now show yourself you piece of crap”
She got no response, Instead, the Rakshasa led a group of demons her way.
“Okay you wanna play, let’s play”
She let down her sword and tore through every demon with speed.
“Sally, Kara barely has life in her, we need the cure”
Sara communicated through telekinesis.
“I am a little busy here Sara, give me some more time, I just have to….”
Sally stopped communicating when the last demon she struck withstood her sword and held it between it crawls.
“Emm Sara I was going to say I needed to find the right demon, and guess what?”
That was all sally said before she drilled her sword into the demon until it revealed its true self as the Rakshasa.
“I found it! I found the little squeaker!”
The Rakshasa attempted to shapeshift again and escape her grip, but Sally had it stuck to her sword.
“Easy bastard, I need your…should I say unfortunate dirty blood that is surprisingly the cure?”
She held it to a tree and bled it to a sheath.
“Ahhhh, she will die! You can’t save her!”
The Rakshasa growled in anger.
“Thank you, but I’ll be the judge of that”
Sally responded only when she had enough and zoomed off.

Moonwalker 2

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