Sara took front and levitated from the ground as she creaked of lightening, Sally let down her swords and strapped them to fit in both her hands, the field where Arthur stood reverberated and turned dark, his sword creaked of lightning, his face spoke of wrath and his eyes shone white.
Sara made a call as she floated in the sky. For a moment nothing happened, but then suddenly, a roar was heard from a distance. And within minutes a large fierce Dragone docked in the midst of the demons and blew a good number to dust!
It leaped into the sky made a nimble turn and carried Sara.
Sara cried out and it obeyed! With a force, the refuge had never experienced. It moved with speed, landed and blew fire out of its nostrils!
Sally aimed at the Rakshasa. She moved hastily, grabbed the demon by its neck and whipped it against a tree. The Rakshasa winced in pain and teleported itself out of Sally’s grip.
“Nice try warrior, but I can’t be killed”
It mocked and gnarled back at Sally.
“But who said you can’t feel pain?”
Sally being Sally, asked sarcastically. She watched the mocking smile disappear from the demon’s face before she charged at it. Quickly it attempted to ooze of its venom but Sally threw her sword at it, it dug deep into its mouth, there was no time to try to get the sword out, Sally caught it again and whipped it around, she threw it up and brought it deep down into the ground with her feet.
It tried to teleport to safety but Sally was not ready to let it escape this time. She dug both her swords deep into the demon, picked it up and pinned it to a tree!
Arthur targeted Grodd and Grodd could notice. Quickly he ordered his sorcerers to make a shield. They made a circle around him and put together a dark magic field called the “Serpent circle” it was a circle nobody could penetrate, it was born of dark magic and Grodd was confident of his safety until Arthur walked in steadily with ease.
“I am the true king of the castle, Druid, magic doesn’t work on me”
Arthur said with a thunderous voice. He stamped his foot to the ground and sent the sorcerers in different directions. They were not done yet, they cast a spell on the trees around that every tree grew into a knight to battle Arthur. But then, the magic knights perished the moment they got close to Arthur, he simply walked towards Grodd with both hands behind his back. Grodd clearly saw magic would not work on Arthur, which means he is indeed true royal blood. He let down his swords and ordered his sorcerers to do the same.
He called but then he was surprised to discover they were all moving too slow. He tried looking back to Arthur and discovered Arthur was just a breathe away from him, which means Arthur must be moving with super velocity.
Arthur posed looking deep into Grodd’s eyes to see the fear deep within before he grabbed his enemy by his neck and held him against a tree. His burning sword drove through Grodd. He picked up Grodd with the sword and nailed his lifeless body against a tree. It all happened so fast that before the sorcerers charge to where they saw Arthur stood, he was no longer there, all they saw was their master Grodd hanging up on a tree with a sword through his chest.
Sara went after Zelda, her Dragone whipped Jason with his tail that he smashed against multiple trees. His demons took front for his protection, they leaped over Sara’s Dragone and tried to overpower her. But they were no match for Sara.
“Sieral suit up!”
Her Dragone obeyed and soon it’s body suited up to an iron shield; with one lightning blast, she blew each demon to dust, and went after Jason.
“You are not as powerful as Kara, priestess and yet I beat her, what makes you think you can defeat me! I am as old as the ages! “
This was Zelda, it took charge and spoke through Jason.
” I will give my daughter the honor of sending you back to hell, but now, I am going to make you beg for mercy”

Moonwalker 2

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