The Rakshasa generated sword-like dark energy hoping to penetrate Kara’s energy shield but it failed. Instead, Kara caught it with lightning likened to a rope and swung it back to Jason. Just before it landed she drew it back with her mind and fastened her grip around its neck. Quickly it oozed of venomous steam hoping to deplete kara but her force field was strong enough to resist it.
Her thunderous hands around its neck began to vibrate as she squeezed it with lightning.
“Finish her Jason”
Grodd muttered when he noticed Jason was hesitating.
“Patience Dad, the Rakshasa will get her”

“Jason the girl is a priestess, one Rakshasa can never win this fight, why do you have these demons in your possession”
Grodd mumbled and took front when Jason didn’t make a move.
He magically made Spears and swords out of the trees around and sent them towards kara; Kara had to release her grip on the Rakshasa and stopped the weapons sent at her with her mind. She made it turn, spread it abroad and sent it to Grodd’s army. Within seconds Grodd witnessed a good number of his army fall dead.
“You peasant!”
He cried out and charged at Kara, he knew he was no match for Kara, but he knew that Jason would not watch Kara hurt him.
He drew his sword from behind him and dug it into kara’s shield. Kara made a turn and her thunderous eyes met him. She made his sword melt and took him by his neck. Jason had to act, he sped at Kara, stole his father from her grip and whipped her that she flew backward to hit against the city gate.
He made a call to his demons and after staring with regret in his eyes he took front and charge at kara.
Kara shut her eyes and charged up her powers; she stamped her two feet to the ground and let out an energy burst that blew the army coming at her to different directions, except for Jason who was able to withstand it.
“You are stubborn Kara, but we both know you can’t keep this up for too long”
Jason said as he started towards Kara. He noticed she was getting worn out since it was just her warding back an army. And he was there to prove that no matter how many demons she is able to ward off, he can recreate as many as he wants.
He inhaled deeply and with the spread of his hands more demons crept out to join his army.
“See Kara, we are unstoppable! Give this up now, this is not a fight you can win!”
He said as he continued towards her, the Rakshasa joined the walk and then Grodd followed with smiles on his face.
Kara stood back to her feet and stamped her staff to stand firm on the ground before she spoke out.
“One thing is certain, as long as I breathe air, you and none of your beast would walk past this gate!”
Jason shook his head and snapped his fingers as a signal to his demons.
“Well then, you leave me no choice”
While he spoke more than a hundred demon who could teleport stood before Kara in seconds and pressed on her. Soon she was covered in darkness and they overpowered her. But then, she was not done yet, lightning began to creak from inside the darkness, and with the last strength, she had left she made an explosion and blew every demon around her to dust. Her staff rose up from her hands and stood before her as a defense when her strength began to deplete.
“It’s over Kara”
Jason said when he noticed the blood dripping from her nose.
“Finish her”
Grodd whispered to his sorcerer without Jason’s permission. His sorcerer took out a relic dagger and teleported to where kara knelt. Before Jason understood what was going on the relic dagger was lifted already and it dug deep into Kara’s chest.
He screamed and tore the sorcerer to pieces!
“Kara!” He tried to hurry to her but something else took his attention. He was bleeding from his nose.
“What’s happening Jason?”
Grodd asked and Jason discovered not just him but his father and the whole army bleed from their nose, except the demons. Soon their eyes began to bleed as well, and steadily Kara rose from the ground. It was surprising because Kara was wounded, and she laid unconscious, but then while she laid in that state, she began to float. Silence covered the whole refuge, only heartbeats were heard of those who had the power to hear.
Within minutes Kara dropped into the arms of a wrathful mother.
While she cried every single foe bleed even more till all of Grodd’s army fell dead.
“My child, you hurt my child!”
It was from Sara! Every eye went wide,
“It’s the priestess, it’s her, I can’t believe it”
murmurs began to erupt from everywhere
instantly they realized the war just begun. Arthur stood just beside her and then Sally at the other end. And while she let Simra take Kara from her arms she turned and extended her hands to both Sally and Arthur.
It was just like the prophecy, the moon went dark. All three of them went meta. A wrathful mother spoke with a thunderous voice.
“You’ll all pay with the last drop of your blood!”

Moon Walker 2

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