Kara didn’t hesitate to prove her powers were unlimited. She whipped the first adversary that tried climbing up the wall with lightning that he caught fire.
The eyes of everyone went wide. She was not done yet. She stood firm on the wall and sent lightening all around the city walls, everyone it came in contact with caught fire.
“Give me the arrow now”
Grodd requested when he saw what Kara had done.
It was an arrow soiled with the poison of a relic dagger. He aimed at Kara and shot but Jason was quick to communicate to Kara through telepathy.
“Kara, an arrow is coming at you!”
Kara was quick, she caught the arrow and sent it back to Grodd.
Grodd was equally prepared, he dissolved the arrow before it got to him.
“Jason? Jason where are you?” Kara quickly communicated back but Jason remained mute.
Simon could see the wonders Kara wrought at the city wall. He was right to have placed her there, the wall was impenetrable despite all the attempts.
“Thank you Simra, for raising this kid despite all our ignorant vices to end her life”
Simon said to Simra as he watches Kara singlehandedly defended the wall.
She speeds to the city gate and stood behind it. After taking several deep breathes she placed her hands on the gate and soon lightning began to crick against it. She orders all the knights of the refuge to retreat back from the wall as she set it on lightening. Every adversary who tried to penetrate caught fire. It looked like Victory was near until the city gates flung open, sending Kara meters away to the ground. It took Kara a few minutes to see Grodd walking into the refuge with both hands behind his back. It was not a big deal until she saw Jason just by his side! Jason had blown down the city gate with just a punch.
Her heart sank, she could not utter a word, she could not stand up from the ground either, tears welled up in her eyes. What was going on? Jason was abducted? Is he in some sort of control or what?
“Simon!! Come down here let’s talk”
Grodd screamed out when he got into the refuge. His army was just behind him with Jason by his side.
Simon appeared in a jiffy and stood in front after he had helped Kara stand back on her feet.
“Jason, what are you doing with our adversary?”
It was the first question he asked when he stood facing Grodd.
“Jason? Jason is my son, Simon”
Grodd dropped the bombshell and it exploded right in Kara’s head! Jason looked away from her gaze, he could not face her. Tears began to drip from her eyes, how could he do this to her? She felt so foolish for being stubborn, she remembered how Simra and Sara had warned her about Jason. She had remembered times when her powers had repelled his presence, now she understands, he was the enemy!
“You see you have always been so sentimental Simon and that’s the reason you do not see what’s in front of you”
Grodd continued and made a signal to Elias. Steadily Elias walked past Simon to Grodd’s side with a smile.
Simon shook his head in regret
“Elias, I should have known, it has always been clear but I didn’t think you would result in this”
Simon said bitterly.
“Simon let’s cut to the chase, the refuge is mine now, and I want Sara! She is here in the refuge, I need her or else I would burn this place to the ground, but if I have her, then I can retain this city with you ready to serve me”
Kara fumed on hearing Grodd’s request.
“You are not getting my mother”
She went forward to stand beside Simon who had no idea that Sara is in the refuge.
“Says who? A kid whose powers are limited? What a waste”
Grodd scornfully replied. In response Kara drew his witch to her grip with her mind and snapped her neck with seconds, she fell down dead.
“What! You little peasant!”
Grodd fumed with his eyes wide.
“That should give you your reply”
Kara said and took the front.
Simra hurried down to the tomb where she had kept Sara, Arthur, and Sally. She knew this is a battle Kara can’t handle on her own.
“Jason! Get me, Sara!”
Grodd screamed out in wrath but Kara would not step out of the way.
“Kara please, you have to let me pass, I don’t want to hurt you”
Jason beckoned when he let down his sword.
Kara seethed with wrath already. Jason took advantage of her, he took her pride, took her trust, her heart and shattered it right before her face. She felt foolish for being his puppet.
Her eyes went strangely dark, she let down her swords and fastened them to her hands, the moon went dark in unison and when she replied, her voice sounded like thunder.
“Anyone who wants to die should try to go past me”
Jason has no choice, he released the power of Zelda. His eyes went bloody dark as he oozed of dark smoke. The moon changed its course, it shone red, it was a blood moon. It was just like in Simra’s vision. A strange whirlwind began to revolve, lightning erupted from the sky. Both Kara and Jason stood with eyes as dark as blood. Jason sniffed in and allowed his dark powers to run through his veins before he said out loud.
“This is it, Kara, this is how it all ends”

Moon Walker 2

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