Kara teleported to the Chambers to find Simra suiting up.
She hurried and held Kara by her shoulder.
“It’s time, you don’t have to be scared, you don’t have to…”

“I am not scared”
Kara interrupted with a gesture and Simra could see she was totally sincere.
“That’s the spirit, hurry to join the others at the castle hall”
Kara called out to Sara immediately.
“Mum, I need to get you out today”
There was no response and Kara wondered why.
Her first observation was Jason was not in the hall and it didn’t take long for Simon to notice.
“Where is Jason?”
He questioned.
Kara knew she had to concentrate on the issue at hand but she could not wash off the memories of the cold night with Jason. Her thoughts were conflicted, is that the reason he is nowhere to be found? Is he avoiding her now? Or he must have probably fled on seeing the thousands of men ready to war against the refuge.
“Kara! I have been addressing the knights for over 15minutes, care to explain what last said?”
Simon asked while tapping his right foot, he was clearly impatient and agitated.
“I don’t know sire”
There was no point denying it. Friya was the first to scoff silently but ensured Kara heard her since she was just by Kara’s side.
“Kara I want no mistakes, if you are indeed our savior then today is the day you prove it”
Simon said softly, something no one expected.
Simra could read Kara for the first time, she was totally sure it was Kara’s mind she read, she understood that if she could read Kara’s mind then Kara is definitely vulnerable.
“What’s going on Kara?”
She communicated through telepathy.
Kara realized Simra was in her head, she quickly locked her out and gave her a signal that she was fine, but then Simra knew all isn’t well. And to win this battle, they’ll need a Kara who is fully charged and concentrated.
“Alright, Kara, join friya and the rest, you’ll all lead the army. I’ll deal with Jason when all these are over”
Simon gave his last Instruction and prayed the spirits to save the refuge from their adversaries.
“Hey Kara, what’s wrong with you?”
Simra quickly approached Kara before she joins the elders in their position.
“I’m fine Simra, quit pestering me”
The frown that appeared on Kara’s face definitely revealed something was up, something that has wounded her deeply.
“Is it Jason?”
Simra asked and got the answer when Kara remained mute with tears welled up in her eyes.
She quickly pulled Kara to her arms and hugged her deeply.
“It’s okay, it’s okay, cry it out”
Simra gave her a minute to cry before she became stern.
“Now listen up girl, if there’s any time in the world you have to prove all I have taught you, it’s now! If you want to prove to the refuge and the world that you are not the demon but a savior, it’s now. As knights, you are not permitted to allow emotions in the middle of your duty. The refuge has trusted you enough to make you their defender and their savior. Do not let them down”
Kara sniffed and nodded. Simra was sure she had Kara in the mood she wanted before she concluded.
“Now go out there and show them they were wrong to mess with the refuge”
Kara picked her swords and strapped them behind her back as she led the 300 armies that stood to wait for her move.
Her position was on the city wall. She made sure her men were all positioned at every point of the entrance while she stood at the forefront and waited with her swords strapped in its stealth behind her back.
“Stupid girl”
Grodd zoomed on Kara through the help of his witch
“This is the battle you’ll breathe your last breath! Not when I’ve got my son, an element of surprise you’ll not see coming”
He blew the horn and his army charged at the refuge gate, the walls and every entrance they could find…
Kara shut her eyes and whispered to herself.
“This is it, Mother I’ll need your help”
And then she turned to her army.
“For the love the refuge!!”
They roared back in unison.
Swiftly she let down her swords, her eyes glowed white, veins became visible on her forehead as her hands got fastened to both swords. She was ready to war

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