“My Lord, it is here, the time written in the hall of prophecy is being fulfilled, war is upon us, I can feel it, we need to be prepared”
Simra approached Simon after another dream she had. It wasn’t a regular dream, it felt so real, she saw the walls of the refuge crumble to the ground, and then men she couldn’t number trooped into the refuge.
“Great evil is upon us sire, we must be prepared”
She continued when all Simon did was to stand up from his chair to pace to and fro.
“The sole purpose of the refuge is to shield the young ones from war. And over the years we’ve been able to maintain just that, we’ve given these kids a place to call home, a place safe from the evil that plagues this planet, but now, even the refuge is not safe from these demons anymore…”
Simon sighed with both hands behind his back.
“How sad Simra, these kids do not know how to handle a battle, we don’t have the army to resist any attack, tell me Simra, is this the end of the refuge?”
Simra was quiet, she was scared as well but then she had hope in the family of unlimited powers in her Chamber and beneath the refuge.
“We have all the support we need, the support that is more than a thousand army my Lord”

“You mean the girl Kara?”
Simon stopped pacing to ask with an unconvinced reaction.
“Not just the girl my Lord, we have a team that the world is yet to witness”
Simon didn’t want to go any further as he concluded Simra meant the recent teens he made knights.
“Call the elders and get the men ready for war”
Jason watched the red line on his right wrist reached up to his arm. It was his father’s special way to call his attention, it was dark magic. At dawn, he took off with a speed that even the security could not keep track of what or who sped past them.
“It’s time Jason, you are the key, the time we’ve waited for years has finally come son”
Jason bowed his head in regret, he had made an oath, an oath bounded on his mother’s grave. It was dark magic that would claim lives if it was breached. He had to help his father invade the refuge.
“Jason, remember the oath you took, there is no going back now”
Grodd could see the reluctance in his son’s response and so he felt he had to remind him of what he bounded himself to years ago.
“Remember why you had to go the refuge Jason”

“Father I know all that alright, you can stop all the talk, get the men ready, I know a secret tunnel, when I give a signal you strike”
Jason sped off before Grodd could say anything else. His tears dried up in space as he ran with the speed of sound.
He could not join the knights of the refuge for the morning walk as he was ought to. Kara got worried, she searched for him through telekinesis and found him in their secret cave up the mountain.
He was deep in tears that Kara got scared.
She brought him to herself and made him find refuge in the comfort of her arms.
“Kara, no matter what happens, remember I love you alright?”

“What’s going on Jason, you are scaring me, are you sick? Jason, are you dying? Tell me, Jason”
Jason opened his mouth but no words came out. He bowed his head in thoughts as Kara pressed on for answers.
He reached to unhook his mother’s necklace and handed it over to Kara.
“This is what I have left of my mother, she was killed trying to protect my father”
Kara allowed Jason to wear the necklace around her neck before she asked.
“Who killed her Jason?”
A question he could not answer. How could he tell her that Sara her mother was responsible for his mother’s death? How could he tell her his father was scarred by Sara, how could he tell her that he swore an oath on his mother’s grave that he would make sure Sara is wiped out from the surface of the universe, how could he tell her that very soon he would lead an army to the refuge to dig up Sara from beneath the refuge?
“My father told me she died while trying to protect him, she was killed by someone who was ten times powerful than she was, she stood no chance against such power yet she chose to fight to protect him. And so I swore that day that I would end whoever killed my mother”
Kara was quiet, but then a question popped her mind.
“Jason? Where you there when this happened?”

“No, my father told me about it when he came back from war, they were both warriors”
Jason placed a kiss on Kara’s lips before she could say anything else. It was a long-lasting kiss that began to grow into intimacy. Kara didn’t object when he let down her armor and when he let loose her robe. Her heart throbbed fast, she was supposed to stop him but she could not, this should not happen but she wanted it to.
He began to place featherlight kisses on her neck that she shivered and enclosed her arms around his neck to pull him closer. Soon they were both bare, and the electricity in their bodies merged to be one. Slowly he guides himself inside her. She gasps as tears dripped down her eyes, he was gentle with her, till all the pain drifted to intense pleasure. Her fingers dug into his shoulder, she caused him pleasurable pain, bit his neck and ran her fingers down his back till she felt his blood on them. She could not help the feeling she felt, it was her first time and so she hoped he would forgive her. Soon she began to quiver, her grip around his waist went tight, he knew she had reached the extreme so he planted his seed inside her; they both dropped breathlessly and cuddled till dawn.
Kara woke up to the morning and discovered she was alone, she read on the rock right in front of her.
“Forgive me, Kara, I will always love you”
She sat up trying to understand what was really going on. But there was no time to think, she began to hear the drum of war and a shout of an army. She stood up and hurried to get a better view. Her eyes went wide, from up the mountain she could see more than a thousand men she could not number. The prophecy was indeed true, it was time for war.

Moon Walker 2

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