Kara’s heart began to throb against her chest when she realized it was Jason in the arena. She quickly turned to Simra and beckoned, her eyes were full of fear.
“I can’t do this!”
Simra had to keep her steady before she explained that it was inevitable, she has to fight Jason or she loses the chance to become a knight.
She was about to say something else when Sara communicated to her.
“Kara, you have to fight him, else you won’t become a knight, and you need to be a knight to gain access to where I am kept”
Kara swallowed hard and nodded. Simra was happy Kara gave a nod to her idea, although just Kara knew it was Sara that got her to agree to it.
Steadily she walked into the arena. The crowd roared as she stepped in, she had taken a long time deciding and so when she stepped in, the impatient crowd expressed their excitement on seeing her fight again.
“Kara, we would do this, just as we’ve always practiced alright? Our rules, not theirs”
Jason communicated to her through telekinesis.
Kara nodded, it took her few seconds to realize Jason spoke to her mind.
“Wait, did you just communicate to me with your mind”
She spoke back with her mind hoping he could hear her.
“Yes I did, there’s a lot of things I can do Kara”

“Hmm, intrigue me, gentleman, I can’t wait to see”
Both teens were unaware of the boos from the crowd until a plump lady through a stone at them
“Fight you, peasants! We didn’t come here to watch you stare at each other!”
The angry lady screamed out and got the support of the crowd.
“Okay Kara, one winner?”
Jason communicated.
“Yes, one winner, it’s showtime”
Jason smiled and sped to stand behind Kara, with his elbow he gave her a gentle push.
“Come, Kara, don’t tell me you are weak”
Kara smiled, she retaliated as she teleported to stand just by Jason and drew his right ear.
“Who is weak now boy”
Jason was quick, he took a quick turn, and picked Kara by her waist, straight to the ground.
He was going to call it a win when he realized he was back in the position where Kara held his right ear.
“What just happened?”
Simon realized he repeated the same position he was a few minutes back
“That witch just reversed time, why will she do that and alter the course of the universe?”
Elias spoke up, thanking the spirits that she didn’t return time as far as when he still stood speaking to Jason.
With his ear in her grip, she drew him to her fist that sent him meters away to the extreme end of the arena.
He was about to chargeback when he realized what happened.
“Clever girl, you reversed time”
He met Kara smart smirk with both hands beneath her back.
“Well I guess you won’t see this coming”
Jason dared as he split in two, from two to four and then to six.
“Jason is a splitter?”
Simra turned to Lia who was as enthralled as she is.
Elias could only smile, this was indeed Zelda.
“No worries, I know the Jason that melts my heart”
Kara said as she used telekinesis to locate Jason who stood among the other facade. Swiftly she drew him to herself with her mind and held him close till he could feel her breathe; immediately the facades dissolved.
“See, I know who my Jason is”
She had him lost in her gaze before she picked him and threw over her shoulder.
“You are distracted”
She pointed out
“Like it’s my fault, you are not helping matters you know”
Jason replied when he got back to his feet.
“Oh maybe this face is too familiar”
Kara continued and switched to her meta state. Immediately the moon went dark, her hair turned white as lightning crept to her arm. Her staff flew from it’s resting position and fastened itself to her grip. And when she spoke, her voice sounded like a rush of many waters.
She threw lightning at Jason but he was quick, quicker than his usual speed she was used to.
Within milliseconds he stood just a breathe away from her and touched her lips with his thumb. Immediately the moon shine bright again, her staff disappeared and her meta state dissolved. He took the opportunity to throw her over his shoulder.
“Look who is distracted now,” he said scornfully.

“Are they fighting or playing?”
Simon questioned.
“As a matter of fact sir I am actually enjoying their display of powers. I have never seen anyone stop a priestess meta state. These two are Indeed special, I suggested we keep them both”
Philip suggested and it sounded perfect to Simon.
“Stop the fight”
He Instructed and the bell rang.
“Set those two aside, the rest can continue with the competition”
It took a series of meetings to conclude both teens were fit to be knights of the refuge.
The competition ended with Friya and Jordan also selected to be knights.
Soon the ceremony was fixed and the people gathered to witness the sacred words of authority spoken by Simon.
It wasn’t tradition that a girl be a knight, but Kara and Friya were made an exception.
“Arise sir Kara, knight of the refuge”

It was noised abroad that it got to the castle and beyond.
The kid they long sought to kill had been made a knight in the refuge!
“Prepare the men, we are going to war!”
The commander of the castle made the order as the emperor had Instructed.
Grodd got the news from his sorcerer. He gathered the druids together and expressed his Joy on how their plans were working out perfectly.
“My boy Jason has been made a knight, it is time to make our move against the refuge. Gather the men together, and make a noise of war! The time written by the spirits has finally come, it is time for war!”

Moonwalker 2

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