Kara didn’t need a seer to reveal that something was not right, the knights that walked into the arena were strange, they wore an armor she had never seen in the refuge before, she could neither see their faces, they all wore a helmet. She could not tell if they were elites or demons. Her heart began to throb fast when she heard the bell that signifies a go ahead to fight.

She stood her ground and waited for an approach but the knights remained in their position, immediately perspiration began to appear on her forehead. She decided to create a force field around herself so when any of them try something trickery, she would be protected. But then, while she taught of it she felt a pull to the extreme end of the arena, looking back she discovered it was just five knights standing now, she quickly knocked off the hand of the knight whose intent was to have her dead.
She began to pant and quickly she set up her force field to protect herself. But unfortunately, it wasn’t enough. The knights went to work, with incredible speed they charge at her, it took just a touch to dissolve her force field; one grabbed by the neck and another stabbed her arm with a dagger he made with his mind. Another had the tongue of a snake with a paralytic venom. He smote her neck with his tongue and immediately Kara could not move her body.
Jason immediately attempted to charge into the arena but he was restricted. Simra held her chest with both hands and prayed to the spirits.
Soon they began to kick Kara to the four corners of the arena, the assassin attacked last, picked her off the ground with one hand and blew blood from her mouth. And then, he scornfully asked the crowd.
“Is this your saviour? She bleeds! Is this the one the prophesy claims has the power of a god? Nonsense!”
Simon shook his head, maybe he was wrong after all, or maybe he pushed her too far, either way, the kid who was already half dead wasn’t the savior the refuge needs.
“Finish her!”
Elias started the chant and the crowd followed vehemently!
“Finish her!”
Friya scoffed and whispered to Jason.
“Your sweetheart is toast”
Simra hurried back to Simon and pleaded again.
“Please Simon, stop this fight, the girl is a kid who yet to harness her full powers”
Simon frowned now.
“Full powers? This supposed kid charged out of a closing portal with lightening, she blew hundreds of knights in different directions with a relic dagger stuck to her chest. This girl survived the effect of a relic dagger for 3 days! I would definitely not give the same challenge as the others, it would be unfair! If she can’t prove to me that she is the savior, then am sorry there is nothing I can do Simra, if she dies then so be it”
Simra could see that Simon’s mind was made up. But then she decided to remind Simon.
“If she dies, remember the priestess Sara would reduce the refuge to dust”
Simon’s heart missed hearing that but still, his heart was hardened, he was ready for anything.
“Mum, Mum, help me”
Kara called out to her mum when she noticed the relic dagger the assassin had in his possession.
She was a little surprised why Sara was mute all through.
“You disappoint me, Kara, after all, I have taught you, you bring shame to the lineage of the priestess. How can you permit these insects to toy with you? Shake them off now, else you die” Sara’s reply was not one she expected but it was definitely a charge to her powers.
The assassin uncovered the relic dagger he had with him and raised Kara even higher for the crowd to see.
“Today! Would be the last day you hear of this thing the prophecy calls the all powerful”
He said scornfully. Kara figured this was a planned fight to end her life, a relic dagger is not a weapon anyone can lay their hands on, only the elders or elites who practice deep dark magic could conjure a relic dagger.
The assassin dropped her to the ground and went ahead to drive the dagger to her chest. There was silence when the crowd could see that Kara’s body still laid on the ground, she was supposed to dissolve to dust.
Soon an unusual wind began to evolve in the arena, the gates of the arena began to rumble. Kara began to ooze out the venom in her system.
She laid still, but within her, she boiled in anger! She was going to rip them apart. The knights were startled at first, it took a closer look to discover that the relic dagger didn’t get to her chest, it was safely between her palm.
The assassin was first to try and make sure he finishes the job he had been paid for but it was too late.
Kara levitated from the ground and caught him by his neck. Instantly she reduced him to dust!
Simon stood up from his seat, he could not believe what he saw, maybe he saw wrong.
The rest of the knights took a few steps backward. Kara’s eyes were still closed when she opened them they were brightly white, filled with lightning. Immediately her hair turned white as lightning rolled up her arms.
She extended her right hand and with her mind, she drew the knight with the venom to her grip.
He quickly tried to smite her with his venom again but she made his tongue burn that it caught fire.
The rest of the knights charged at her for his rescue but Kara picked each of them with her mind and held them against the four corners of the arena with the venom still with her grip. She lifted up the knight in her grip and left him to float in the air while she stood in their midst.
Soon they all began to bleed from their eyes and nose. She began to boil their organs that they oozed of hot smoke, she made sure they screamed out in excruciating pain. It didn’t take long, their organs made a burst out of their mouth. She dropped them to the ground, dead.

Silence and fear stood in the midst of the crowd, no one made a sound.

Moonwalker 2

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