“Kara? Where are you?”
Simra muttered when she got back to her Chambers, she felt the presence of Kara already, the energy inside of Kara was very sensitive to Simra, she didn’t need an announcement to know when Kara is close by.
“Am here Simra”

“You heard the announcement? The competition continues”
It took a while to get Kara’s response that Simra had to go check what kept her quiet.
“Where are you going?”

“Oh umm, Jason, am going to Jason”
Simra’s facial expression immediately spoke of displeasure. Her face went soured. She didn’t know how to communicate with Kara to stay away from the kid that saved her life.
“Emm, Kara you still need to be careful, hmm with this boy Jason”
Kara didn’t need to reply to her, the look she shot back Simra was enough to communicate that she wasn’t pleased with what Simra said.
“I’ll be back soon”
Was what Kara said next as she disappeared into the morning fog.
She could not wait to see Jason again, she had not lived a day without seeing him since he brought life back to her.
She had always known they had a strange bond somehow, a bond that sometimes felt like they were at war with each other, whenever he touched her with emotions in his eyes, there was this zap of energy that caused an invincible spark within her, it was like her powers were trying to push Jason away from her. But some other times they were calm and welcoming, just like how she stares into his green colored eyes now. And now when he asked her.
“Have you been kissed before?”
She felt strange butterflies rumbling in her stomach. Why would he ask that? she was glad they found a secret cave, up in the mountain part of the refuge, away from the other kids; she knew she would definitely be laughed at if the other kids see the way she was left speechless with her mouth left open.
She found herself stammering, there was an answer to his question, she has not been kissed before, but she could not speak. What was he going to do if she actually reveals she hasn’t been kissed before, is he going to kiss her?
“I guess not”
Jason had to help out when he waited for minutes without a reply.
There was silence again, with Jason staring at her. And then, he dropped another desire that sounded like a bombshell in Kara’s ear.

“I want to kiss you Kara”

Kara felt her heart stop for a minute. She felt her mother would speak up and tell her to stop but surprisingly there was no communication from Sara, it seemed she opted to respect Kara’s privacy this time.
He was closing the distance between them. Kara had to shut her eyes so tight and waited for his lips to touch hers. She couldn’t keep staring as he approached her lips, she felt she might collapse. She felt his breath on her lips, she began to pant and rub her hands together hoping to calm her nerves but it wasn’t helping. She waited for a few minutes to feel his lips yet nothing happened. Slowly she attempted to open her eyes to see what the problem was, did he change his mind?
But then, Jason had his own plan, the moment she opened her eyes, he reached for her lips and kissed her.
It was unsteady at first, but Jason’s hand on her cheek, began to help her enjoy the taste of his lips, there was no energy zap or a repelling blood pressure, it was something different, it was a feeling she couldn’t explain, a feeling she didn’t want to stop, it was like butterflies in a meadow, Jason understood she couldn’t kiss well so he helped by picking her lower lip and teased that she shivered. Slowly she began to understand the rhythm he helped her through that when he stopped her eyes were still closed, hoping he would continue.
“Kara you can open your eyes now”
She did and surprisingly she requested honestly
“Kiss me again”

The competition kicked off the next day. According to the Instruction, All 6 racers were now to face a knight in an arena;
Kara was first on the list. Surprisingly 6 knights were sent in plus an assassin Elias smuggled in.
“Why is Kara faced with 6 knights Simon, this is unfair! You want to get her killed?”
Simra approached Simon on seeing what was going on.
“If she is truly the savior then she should be able to handle them, you do not expect me to entrust the refuge to someone who can’t handle just 6 knights”
Simra’s issue was not the fact that there were 6 knights in the arena, her issue was these were the most powerful knights of the refuge, with diverse life-threatening powers, this is no longer a competition, it is a murder attempt!

Moonwalker 2

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