Chickens At War

Chickens At War

Chickens At War

“The weather is a bit odd today, something is not right!”
A sincere teen noted as he had held up a knife for an unfortunate chicken. It isn’t Christmas yet but someone has got to eat some chicken, especially when there is a lot to chose from.
“You’re gonna die bruh, no offense, I have waited so long to eat your ass, I just do some extra persuasion to get you”
Jimmy muttered through his clenched teeth as he caressed the knife through the scared chicken’s neck.
“Stop it, Jimmy, stop scaring it”

“What’s the use? It’s going to be fried chicken soon”
Jimmy the younger one retorted with a smirk on his face.
” Come here hold the bowl and give me the knife”
John requested he was about to go into business to make sure there was meat for dinner.
But then, unexpectedly…
“Ouch, why did you hit me?”
John quarreled as he looked directly at Jimmy who held nothing but the bowl he was asked to hold.
“I will assume you are still experiencing the fever mummy noticed yesterday John”
John held up the knife and turned to look around; with a hiss, he bowed to proceed with his duty only to get another hit on his bum.
“Ouch! It’s definitely you this time Jimmy!”
He cried out and got more frustrated when Jimmy stood still in the same position with the bowl in his grip.
“John, I am standing opposite you? How can I hit your ass? Are you going to kill that chicken or not? Don’t tell me you are scared” Jimmy angrily spoke up.

” Listen, young man, I gave you four good years, it clearly means I was talking, walking and presumably doing some few house chores before your sorry ass came to this world, so you mind the way you talk to me! I am not your mate!” John quarreled.
Silence stood for a while with both boys glaring at each other.

“Listen, let’s agree on one thing for once. Let’s kill this chicken before mummy changes her mind, it took me three days, three nights and tons of written assignment, I have even promised to take first position this term, you can’t ruin this for me”
John nodded and went back to business but again, the hit was to his ear this time.

“Okay I agree with you, something is not right”

Both boys turned to look behind to see a cock mystically dressed with a mini dark shade hanging on its beak. It had a cocktail on its right-wing, a chain about its neck and a ring hanging on its leg.

“Hello boys, allow me to introduce myself, my name is Mustafa… “

The cock began as he dropped his cocktail and lit a cigarette.

“Jimmy, is that a cock talking? Okay I think I am the only one seeing this, remember mummy said I am sick, I must be seeing things now”

John tried to come up with an excuse but Jimmy countered when he replied, almost whispering

“I see it too, that is a… We are both high on drugs, John… “

Mustafa cleared his throat to announce his presence again.

“Boys, you are not dreaming, I mean I should get used to this, unbelievable! Oh my God! Help! Noooo! It’s a talking cock! And all the bullshit. But anyway we are all good if you would drop that chicken and scramble off”

Jimmy fainted instantly.

“I bind you in Jesus’ name!”

Jack continued as he shivered, some sudden cold ran down his spine.

” Kid, seriously, drop the chicken”
Mustafa continued

” Mummy!!!!!”

Jack cried out instead.

” Oh come on kid, you caused this”

Unimaginably the cock quenched his cigarette and flew towards Jack. There was no point in trying to fight with what he had never seen in his entire life. He dropped the chicken and hurried off!

Okay hold up, sorry for the little story up there, that is me trying to introduce my awesomeness! Maybe I should have started with something juicier but then, I must tell you how awesome I am, I mean who would believe I am a talking cock! Who would believe that there are more like me!

Listen whoever is reading this, humans are at the brink of… Ummm, what’s the word for it.
No that’s not the word marit.

Ahhhh, no Marit!

Ahhhh, forget it, Marit.

Sorry for that my dear readers, Marit always has his way of getting on my nerves! Oh and Marit is a chicken, he can talk too.

As I was saying, humans are at the brink of… Extinction! Yes, that’s the word. For thousands of years before now, humans have constantly slaughtered us like chickens!
“Mustafa, but we are chickens”

Oh, Marit shut up… Okay, humans have slaughtered us like goats, like rams..! Now the difference is ram is killed once a year, while we! We are slaughtered on a daily basis! The other day baby… Hmm what’s that baby’s name.
“It’s Tina”
Yes Tina, thank you, Marit. Baby Tina took her first step, oh my! What just happened, this calls for celebration, let’s kill a chicken. Oh, my son just came in from school after two months, let’s kill a chicken! And there are others who sell our parts for money.

I saw my brother’s wife slaughtered and fried in hot oil! You won’t believe that Piece of crap ate her ass. Oh, my brother went through some serious trauma…

As Christmas draws near, you reading this would also desire a fried chicken gulping down your throat!

Oh well, Permit me to introduce myself one more time. I am Mustafa, the prime leader of the resistance. And I am about to make your Christmas not so funny!

Chickens at War

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Chickens At War

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