“It’s the girl, it’s her, I told you, Simon, she’s going to kill us all?”
Elias was quick to speak up. All eyes turned to him that he had to raise his hands questionably.
“What? That’s the truth, you all see the power the girl possesses”
Simra looked to Elias direction, she wondered why it was always Elias speaking against Kara, why does he want her dead at all cost.
“If you would permit me, Simon”
She turned to Simon and got permission to speak.
“While going through Kara’s wound, I noticed she was stabbed with a relic dagger; a relic dagger is the only thing that can kill an immortal. Now here is the interesting part, the relic dagger was soiled with the sitrus flower, the deadliest poison on this planet. This means this was deliberate, someone wants Kara dead. This has not been the first attempt. What if Kara is the victim, what if there is an enemy that wants her dead since she is the only person that stands in the way. I just saw a vision, Simon. There is light and there is darkness. They are two personalities. Once the light is gone, darkness rules. Have we ever sat down to think that the enemy has been pushing us to kill the light, to kill the only person capable enough to stop darkness? What harm has Kara done other than good? She single-handedly saved the kids during the race. What other sign do you want to prove that she is the light and that someone is trying to put off that light so darkness would reign”
Silence enveloped the hall of prophecy. Simon felt stupid like a scale fell off from his eyes.
“A war is coming my Lord, what I saw is a war against the whole universe, and it wasn’t Kara leading the army, it was an army of demons, led by their king Zelda!”
Simra’s words sounded like thunder in the ears of the elders…
“What! What is this oaf saying? Zelda? Zelda has been locked away in the underworld for over a thousand years! There is no he can get out of the underworld woman! Kara is the threat here, don’t you see it?”
Elias spoke up again.
“She has a point, Simon, we might just be fighting against our own savior, the girl has been here for years, she has clearly done more good than harm”
Another elder named Cephas spoke up.
Simon was quiet, all eyes were on him. Finally, he spoke out
“The competition would continue, if the girl survives, she would join the knights of the refuge. Simra could not help the smile that crept up to the corner of her lips, she bowed and hurried to her chambers to break the good news to Kara.
Elias was careful as he found his way through his secret tunnel, he had an important meeting, his plans have been ruined! Simra ruined it and she must pay!
“You better have some good news for me, it’s dangerous to call me out here at night, someone might see me, demon”
Elias clenched out.
“Yes Elias, there is good news, I found him, I found Zelda”
It was the Rakshasa, it had to break the news to Elias.
Elias’s eyes went wide?
“Where is the demon, speak!”

“Easy Elias, he is right here in the refuge”
Elias jaw dropped now, he couldn’t believe he had been with the answers he had sought for many years.
With a lower tone, he required.
“Just give me the name”

Without hesitation, the demon muttered

Moonwalker 2

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