Simra paced in thoughts, she pondered on how Jason was able to get the blood of a Rakshasa. It is impossible to obtain the blood of a Rakshasa without killing it. And for all she knows, a Rakshasa cannot be killed. Now she understands why anyone who ventures into the land of the fallen kings never returns. The land of the fallen kings flowed with green pastures until a witch cursed it with the demon Rakshasa. It took just a day for the Rakshasa to completely wiped out the entire race and sank the city to the ground! Yes! A Rakshasa is that powerful. How then did Jason obtain its blood?
Lia snapped her out her reverie.
“Yes Lia, you can talk without touching me, are you aware?”
Simra had to reemphasize.
“Oh okay, what is it, you look troubled”

“It’s the boy”

“You mean Jason?”
Simra nodded to Lia’s question.
“What about him?”

“I have a bad feeling about that kid”
Lia’s eyes went wide, she could not believe what she heard from Simra.
“I can’t believe you are saying this, that guy just saved Kara”

“That’s the point, saving Kara, how did he do that?”
Lia made a pause and stammered a little when she got the point Simra was trying to make.
“Maybe he got lucky”

“Come on Lia, no one has ever gone to the land of the fallen kings and come back. And that is not even the issue here, the issue is he came back with the blood of a Rakshasa, a Rakshasa Lia, no one, absolutely no one has ever been able to kill or acquire the blood of the Rakshasa, except…”
Simra looked to Lia who had the same confused look she had.
“Except Zelda, only Zelda Lia, only the master of them all can kill and acquire the blood of a Rakshasa”
Lia got the point but she could not bring herself to believe tiny Jason is the master of every demon to ever walk the planet.

“He is just a kid Simra”

“Lia think about it, he was able to steal Kara powers without the use of a Gaelic stone, you remember right? Now it makes perfect sense”
Lia shook her head in disbelief, she felt she had heard enough.
“Simra that kid put his life on the line to save Kara, the least you can do is appreciate him, not to harbor suspicions without any clear proof, let the boy be, I mean it’s Jason we are talking about here, the boy is just a teen”
Simra was going to reply but a few guards standing just outside her Chambers caught her attention.

“Simon has requested your presence in the elders meeting”
Simra quickly waved them off
“I’ll be there shortly”
But they seemed adamant and would not go.
“I’m sorry keeper but it is a matter of urgency”
Straightway they teleported her to the hall to join the elders. She perceived a troubled atmosphere at her entrance. Simon looked disturbed, the same with all the elders.
“Simra, where is the girl? She lives?”
Simon’s question made Simra felt he actually cared for Kara but she soon realized it was the opposite.
“She lives my Lord”

“No, she can’t…follow me Simra”
Steadily Simra followed to the hall of prophecy. Simon stopped at the focal point and pointed to the new inscription on the prophecy stone placed all around the hall.
“This was discovered at cockcrow, a new prophecy scripted by the spirits”
Simra went close and read aloud.
‘With the rise of the dark moon shall the child of light yield to darkness, and then, light shall seize to exist”
Simra looked back Simon who had the same troubled look on his face.
She knew part of the reason she was summoned was to connect to the stone in which the prophecy was scripted and get a vision of what is to come.
She went closer to the stone and laid her hands on it.
On touching the stone her hands got fastened to it. She began to groan and got the attention of the elders.
“I see blood everywhere, I see darkness, I see…”
She removed her hands and made a pause, her eyes were wide open, she was lost in thoughts that she didn’t notice the blood that dripped from her nose or the continuous call for Simon to get her attention.
“You see what Simra?”
Simon had to call when she wasn’t saying anything.
“I see blood, I see the darkness that cuts across this planet to the beyond. I see war; a war that no being has ever witnessed in the history of our fathers, I see evil prevailing over light, I see the end of the refuge”


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