Jason traveled with the map’s direction and discovered it wasn’t as far as he had imagined. He put aside fear and walked through a portal he found open. According to the map he understood he had to go through even when the portal appeared to be like the head of a lion. Through the portal, he found himself in a desert that appeared to be strangely calm.
He stopped to take a look around to find anything familiar but it was all blank.
He took a deep breath and encouraged himself; looking back to his map he found it was blank.
“Okay, let’s see how this goes”
He braced himself and began to roam around in the desert. He knew time was ticking, and soon the sunrise would be up to
determine Kara’s death, he had to find the cure fast!
“Who is here?”
He screamed and heard his voice reverberate.
On taking another step he sank into sand that led to a fallen castle underneath. He coughed and dusted off the sand on his clothes before he started towards a large hall he saw ahead of him.
“What is this? Is this the most dreadful land of the fallen kings?”
Jason questioned as he approached the hall in doubt; the hall appeared to be beautifully designed with a big round table and a throne to signify the king’s place in the hall.
He went around the table as he admired the quality of woodwork, it was one he had never seen before
He commented

“Yes…Yes, it is beautiful isn’t it?”
A beautiful damsel startled him from behind.
“And you are?”
Jason asked with suspicious eyes.
“You do not need to know young warlock”
Jason got lost for a moment staring at the damsel. Her eyes were made of gold, it shone so brightly that it pulled a smile to Jason’s face.
“You are beautiful”
He commented while lost in the moment.
“Are you sure young warlock?”
The damsel’s question brought him back to his senses. She had eyes made of gold; he remembered how his father had read to him about the Rakshasa, the shapeshifting demon who was able to take on the shape of a beautiful damsel, the eyes of gold is only significant to those who have knowledge about the demon.
“What if I tell you that all these are just an illusion? I am being sincere here young warlock”
The damsel said and in a twinkle of an eye, the well-designed hall wrecked Into a deserted webbed hall with skulls and skeletons that proved many had come to the same place and lost their lives. Looking to the throne he saw a skeleton dressed in fine linen, with a staff in his hands. On looking back to the damsel he discovered she had taken on her real form, a vicious beast with wings.
“Who are you?”
He questioned as he let down his staff, he knew the Rakshasa feeds on fear, and so he was wise to remain brave.
“I am the keeper of this land, and you! You have trespassed the land of the forbidden!” The demon roared out with eyes darkened as blood and fangs likened to that of a vampire.
A strange wind began to revolve around the demon as it spread its wings so wide that it threw down the knights armor that stood on every side of the wall.
With an energy forces, it gathered every arsenal with swords and directed them to Jason. Jason had to think fast, there was no way he could speed through the weapons coming at him, he held his staff and pointed it at the impending force coming at him. He prayed his father staff would help, he had seen his father pointing the staff the same way to ward off threats; it had to work for him now, but sadly it didn’t, he was a bit lucky, the swords picked him and nailed his clothes to the wall to hang him up. His staff fell to the ground, he tried to struggle but he could not move a muscle.
“Yes you are scared, you have fear in you, Kneel and beg for mercy kid!”
The Demon requested as it approached Jason with fangs ready to feed.
Jason responded, he took a deep breath and calmed his nerves, this is war, kill or be killed. Opening his eyes he picked his staff with his mind and drew it back to his grip, he merged his mind with the staff and blew the swords holding him up to dust. He stood on his feet and stamped his staff on the ground, it let out a force that blew the demon meters backward.
With rage, the demon started towards him with greater force.
“I said kneel and plead for your life kid!”
It called out as it approached Jason.
Jason’s mind was made up, his eyes went dark yellow, he was going to use his hidden powers now even if his father had always warned him not to, he was going to let out the demon his father had spent years to tame. With dark smoke oozing out of his eyes he responded.
“I said never”

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