Suspense tensed as Grodd appeared to be swept off his feet; He did not fathom his son would ever stand up against him because of an enemy. Dropping his hands down his side he approached Jason and landed his fist on his chin.
“Are you out of your mind huh? You’ve been spelled! Callias!”
Grodd turned to call an old stricken witch.
“Come, run a check on my boy, he has been spelled”

“My Lord your son breathes good air, he is alright”
Callias spoke from where she stood, she didn’t need to come close.
“You’ve not even checked him yet?”
Grodd pushed on
“I don’t need to my Lord, I can see that from here, he is perfectly fine”

“Then you must be a fool Jason, a big fool!”
Grodd turned back to Jason with red eyes and landed another slap on his chin, Jason had another plan, he needed his father to come close so he can snatch the staff he needed, and it was just as he planned, just as his father approached and slap him, he sped and snatch the staff.
Grodd screamed out and zoomed after him. Through the woods, the grasses and plants gave way as the force of both speedsters rent them apart. The wind gathered behind their backs as they ran with the speed of sound. Soon Grodd began to catch up with Jason, but Jason was quick to slide past the gate of the refuge before it went completely closed for the night.
He screamed out in anger and attracted the attention of the knights guarding the gates.
“Who is there? Halt!”
The guards cried out and prompted Grodd to speed off.
“I am ready”
Jason got to the Simra’s chamber panting with perspiration on his forehead.
“Easy kid, are you sure about this, I am sorry to say this but you might not come back alive”
Simra felt the need to tell him the truth. Jason looked to Kara and swallowed a lump of saliva down his throat.
“She saved my life, this is the least I can do for her, I will come back with the cure”

“Very well, it is written in the halls of history that only those with a heart of pure hard stone can see and touch the cure, no one has ever been able to describe just how the cure looks like”
Jason became a bit confused.
“What do you mean when you said a pure hard stone?”
Simra shook her head, she didn’t have the answer to his question.
“That is all I can tell you, here is a map to guide you to the land of the fallen kings, by the look of things I think you have got just the morrow’s nightfall to get back, else we lose Kara”
Simra handed over the map and went ahead to look for some magical items to help Jason as he journeys to his suppose death but on looking back he was gone.
“Jason? Jason?”
She hurried to the windowpane but there was no sign of the kid.
“May the spirits be with you”
She prayed.
Grodd paced in wrath, he saw his son as he sped his way to the land of the fallen kings. He saw him through Callias the witch.
He raged that he set the curtains around his Chambers in flame.
“Easy my Lord, save your strength for the girl”
Callias advised.
“Send the best fighters, the best sorcerer you’ve got and make sure Jason does not get the cure to that girl”
Callias chuckled, she wondered why it hadn’t dawned on Grodd that his son might not make it back to the refuge.
“Is that really necessary my Lord? I mean no one has traveled to the land of the fallen kings and return alive”

“Are you saying my son would not make it back?”
The threat in Grodd’s voice made callias lie.
“Of course not my Lord”

“Then do as I say old hag!”
Elias paced around in his Chambers as he waited for his spy to come back with a report. Soon his spy arrived with a perplexed face that it scared him a little.
“What is it? Speak!”
He firmly ordered when his spy hesitated”

“Am sorry my Elder, Jason travels to the land of the fallen kings as we speak”
Elias could not hold in the sudden urge to laugh, he opened his mouth wide and laughed heartily before he responded.
“Is the boy mad? Oh how love blinds the young who have seen nothing but the flowers that grow in the meadow”
Turning to his spy he continued.
“And the girl? I presume she breathes no air”

“No my Lord she lives, but barely”

“How is that possible? She should be carcass by now”
Elias found it difficult to believe the report his spy passed across.
“I am afraid it is true sire, I think the girl powers is the reason she still breathes”

“No no no, she has to die, if she doesn’t die before sunrise send the assassins to finish the job. That girl can’t live, I saw the vision clearly, I saw it, I even read it, she ruined all my plans, all my dreams and slit my throat in cold blood! She is my doom, she can’t live, she has to die!”

Moonwalker 2

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