“Shoot her down”
Elias screamed from where he sat. The Archers got their bows ready and shot at Kara. Kara was hurt, hurt that despite everything she did to keep them safe, they still wanted to cause harm to her.
She raged with lightning and stopped the arrows in the air, swiftly she made a return back to the Archers. Just an inch close she stopped the arrows. Her strength began to fail her. She released the arrows and dropped to her knees, her meta state dissolved, blood dripped from her eyes.
“What did I ever do to you all? Why do you hate me so much?”
She screamed out before she fell and past out.
Elias screamed again but this time Simon stopped it with a wave of his hands. Jason was just beside him, he whispered to Simon.
“Elder, She saved us all during the race, she doesn’t deserve death, she is not a threat, she is our savior, please give her a chance”
Simon listened with a frown, he looked to Simra would have the same beckoning eyes and then his eyes went back to Kara who laid unconscious.
“Take her to your Chambers, we have an elders meeting by sunrise, for now, the competition would be put on hold until after the meeting”
Tension eased in the arena as Simon teleported out of the Arena. The host announced the competition remains pending until after the Elders meeting. Simra noticed the dark veins crawling up to Kara’s heart, her eyes went wide, Kara had been poisoned! And not just with any poison, it a poison made out of a relic dagger.
She shook her head in disbelief that it caught Jason’s attention. Jason had Insisted he tag along to make sure Kara is alright quickly asked.
“Is anything the matter keeper? Is Kara going to be alright?”
Simra was quiet. Jason was about to ask again when she shook her head in response.
“She won’t make it”
Jason could not believe his ears, why would the mighty keeper be clueless on how to save Kara?
“Emm you said what?”

“You heard me, kid, she won’t make it, the only thing keeping her alive for now is her powers trying to fight the poison, but it won’t last for long. Now return to wherever you crept out from and say this to no one”
Jason could not tell what came over him at that moment, he could not tell how he became bold all of a sudden, but something burning inside of him would not permit Kara to die just like that, there must be something he can do; Kara risked her life for him, and she is in this condition because she did save him and every other person in her possession, he can’t let her die.
“Keeper I am going nowhere”
Simra looked to his direction to look for an attitude but all she saw was a teen who is determined to ride to the ends of the Earth to find a solution.
“I am willing to do anything keeper, I am, just tell me what to do”
He went on with eyes brimmed with tears he couldn’t control.
Simra took another look at Jason, she saw he had his mind made up to die because she knew the only cure to a relic dagger is through hell. No one no matter how skillful and powerful had been able to go through, they all lost their lives. Although she felt for Jason but she had no choice, she had to give it a shot.
“You would travel to the land of the fallen kings, there you will find the cure”
Jason sat for minutes trying to process the thought but he wasn’t making headways.
“That’s it? No strategy? No plan, how do I get there? How do I get the cure?” Jason asked with concerned eyes.
Lia cleared her throat to get attention, and with a signal, she requested to speak with Simra aside
“What are you doing sending the kid to his grave?”

“I didn’t ask, he volunteered, and am not going to sit and watch Kara die knowing that I had a shot in saving her but because of some petty reasons i didn’t take it”
Simra left Lia back to Jason before she said anything else.
“Have you ever wondered why it is called the land of the fallen kings?”
She asked to see if Jason knew where he was going to.
“No, why?”

“Its a land where the firstborn of every kingdom was reduced to dust, it is also the land that gave birth to the relic dagger, in that land is where you can get the cure but the thing is it’s only a myth, it is written in the book of history that there is a cure but no one has ever come back with it over the years”
Jason swallowed a lump of saliva down his throat, what is he doing? He thought he was going to die?
“Are you changing your mind kid?”
Simra read his thoughts and ask.
“No, no of course keeper, please hold on I would be back”
Jason requested and sped deep into the woods.
“Father! Father!”
He called and got the druids out.
“Yes son, give me some good news”
“Kara is hurt, she is dying”
Jason could see the smile that crept to his father’s face.
“Good good, now you can steal her powers, now that she is weak, oh my, my dreams to rule this world has finally come. Oh, son, you have made me proud”

“Father I need your staff”
A frown appeared on Grodd’s immediately.
“What for? You’ll need the gaelic stones to perform the ritual, not my staff”
Jason sighed, he couldn’t tell what his father’s next reaction would be.
“I am going to the land of the fallen kings to get Kara a cure”
Silence stood for a while and suspense tensed up, the druids began to whisper as Grodd stared at Jason trying to figure if his son has been spelled.
“Then you must be a fool Jason, a very big fool, you are growing affections for the girl? The girl must die”
Jason could not tell what came over him, he just didn’t want Kara to die.
Without looking to his father’s face he muttered.
“Father, if you lay a finger on her I would make you regret it”

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