Jason’s strength had doubled within a few seconds, he whipped back the Rakshasa with a more powerful force that it crashed against the throne set at the far end of the hall.
Slowly his clothes ripped apart, the size of his body began to rupture, he began to writhe in pain as his veins tore out of his skin to fit into the beast that fought it’s way out. The Rakshasa stood back and watched with its eyes wide open. Soon the fair looking green-eyed kid turned into a vicious beast. He roared, it was with so much energy that the tables and armors set in the hall blew out to dust, his fangs stood out with blood eyed hunger for blood.
He sped at the Rakshasa within milliseconds, greater than the speed of lightning. The Rakshasa attempted to teleport out of the way for safety but Jason was too fast, he seized the Rakshasa by the neck before it made the attempt and whipped it against the wall like a piece of paper.
The Rakshasa sped for safety and made Jason halt.
“Alas! What do I see! A legend of Zelda, the king Dracula, the last of it’s kind”
Jason was not in for any more jokes, he picked the Rakshasa and snapped its neck, but he clearly needed more than that to kill a Rakshasa.
“You’ll be needing more than that to finish me off, Zelda”
The demon had to break the news to him.
“You seek the cure?”
On hearing the Rakshasa talking on his terms he let his rage down and slowly he returned back to his former self.
“Oh put some clothes on, you’ll find one over there”
The demon directed while it took back the damsel form.
“Yes, it’s what I seek, how do I get it?”

“You need it for the girl? Why? She must be an important one”
Jason made no comment, he focused on fitting into the robe he was provided.
“No one would venture into the land of the fallen kings, I mean I have never given anyone the opportunity to leave here with a body, only their spirits are permitted to join the spirits world. So why travel to your death? It can only be desperation, suicide, oh and love!”
Jason’s silence was all the Rakshasa needed to have the answer
“It is love…you must be mad Zelda”

“Stop calling me that”

“But that’s who you are, the greatest demon to ever walk the earth. You were born on the same day with the girl of light, you made the moon dark, you are the curse, the darkness, the doom they all fear, and they all think it’s her, while you, you are the devil they fear, you are right under their nose and they can’t figure it out. Oh, what a bliss! what business do you have with her Zelda? she is your opposite, she is your unending fate!”

“Mind your business!”
Jason shouted back at the Rakshasa.

“Oh Zelda, why do you do this for a girl that is your doom? You are darkness and she is light”
Jason was full of rage now. The Rakshasa had to keep it’s mouth shut and he was going to make sure that happens!
His eyes went stone red as he roared with fangs erupting from his hands.
“I said mind your business!”

“Oh sorry my Lord”
Jason was a little surprised when the demon knelt before him.
“What is this? What are you doing?”

“Oh, you do not know? You are our master, with you we would claim this planet and beyond, we would match with a shout of victor as we awaken our commander Gaza! It’s you we’ve been waiting for Zelda, to lead us. Gaza tried but failed but then the prophecy promised us you, and here you are…”
Jason shook his head in disbelief.
“You are mad”

“No Zelda…”

“That’s enough, give me the cure and I have said, stop calling me that name”
Jason requested for his purpose for being there.
“Well I am the cure, funny isn’t it? My blood is the cure to the relic dagger, I am your eye my Lord, so you do not get wounded in battle, I should go with you”

“You must be dreaming, I think it’s time you wake up demon. I can never associate with a beast like you”

“But you are the lord of all beasts”

“Oh give me the cure demon!”
His eyes went stone red again that the Rakshasa had to obey.
He filled a small bottle with its dark blood and handed it over to Jason.
“Here, a drop of this would heal her, save the rest for yourself, when you are ready to embrace your true self, you know where to find me. Fate has brought you here, fate would bring you back”
Jason snatched the cure before he replied the demon.
“Never, I will never come back to you!”
The Rakshasa remained quiet as it opened a portal to the refuge gate
“There you go my Lord, it’s almost sundown, go through this portal, there are many who lay wait to stop you, but going through this portal would keep them safe from your wrath”
Jason was at the threshold of the portal when the demon reminded him.
“Remember, she is light and you are darkness, darkness and light are never meant to be, always remember my lord, always remember”

Jason went through the portal and found himself in the refuge.
Simra could not believe her eyes when she saw Jason in her Chambers.
She questioned, maybe she had seen a ghost
“It’s me keeper, the cure, it’s here”
Simra quickly snatched the bottle to investigate.
“This is the blood of a Rakshasa, you killed a Rakshasa? How is that possible? It’s impossible”

“No, it gave me its blood”
Simra eyes went wide.
“A Rakshasa would never give anyone its blood, it has never happened in the history of our fathers, it’s either it was killed or…”
Her eyes went back to the kid who stood before her.
“Keeper? Kara is dying, there is no time left”
Simra realized Jason actually made perfect sense, she turned back to Kara.
“A drop is all you need”
Jason Instructed.
She did as Instructed and watch Kara gasp back to life.
“Thank you, thank you Simra”
She hurried and hug Simra who she thought had saved her life.
“No Kara, it’s Jason, he saved your life”
Her eyes turned to Jason who stood by the door, his green eyes never shined better, his hair that partly covered his eyes made perfect sense to her now; Jason saved her life? How did he do it? The relic dagger has no cure, he must have gone to the ends of the world to make sure she lives. All the while she stared at him with love-filled eyes, the final words of the Rakshasa continued to reverberate in his mind.
“She is light and you are darkness, light and darkness are never meant to be”

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