Zara roared with anger and whipped the assassin with its armoured tail into the storm. It went after Kara and made a shield about her to prevent the rocks from crushing her.
Jason and the rest of the racers who were safely in the arena witnessed the scene. Jason screamed out, he couldn’t tell why he did, he still needed Kara, nothing must happen to her!
He screamed and attempted to jump through the portal into the storm but Friya would not let him.
“Are you out of senses! Stay put!”
She held him back as he struggled.
“Let me go, I have to save her!”

“And how do you plan to do that? Huh? You are a priestess with unlimited powers?”
She questioned and looked for his response before she concluded.
“I guess not, Kara made sure you made it to Arena, so it makes no sense jumping into what she saved you from when you know you’ve got no powers to save her. If she is as powerful as she just showcased earlier on then let her save herself…that’s if she can”
Jason had no choice to stay put, his eyes brimmed with tears as he watched the portal begin to close gradually.
Simra teleported to stand before the portal. There was nothing she could do, she tried to reach Kara through telekinesis but Kara was unreachable. She could feel the tears dropping from her eyes as she watched the portal continue to go faint.
“Come on Kara, please don’t do this, you have to come out of this alive! Kara! Kara!”
She cried out. The whole crowd watched in silence, suspense stood firmly in the Arena. Simon could no longer sit, he stood up to see if there is any hope left for Kara.
Elias only smiled for a mission well accomplished. Kara can’t live in the refuge if she is the priestess, he cannot allow it.
Kara continued to fall deep into the storm with her dragone who shielded her from any further hurt.
“Kara! Kara! You have to wake up now”
It was Sara, she could communicate with Kara now that she was close to the refuge.
Kara could not respond until Sara’s voice became extremely sharp.
She communicated back still subconsciously.
“I can’t, I can’t move my body, I can’t feel my powers”

“Yes you can, you have to fight this, I sacrificed all to make sure you breathe air, you can’t make that sacrifice go in vain”
Sara continued.
“But mum i can’t…I can’t feel my powers, something is supressing it, I am dying”
Kara communicated weakly, she was dying, the poison has been prepared with the ashes of a relic dagger.
“You have to go *meta*”
Sara knew there was no other way out. Going meta would be dangerous for Kara at that moment given the fact that she has not evolved as a priestess but it was the only way out.
“How? What is meta?”

“It’s a state your powers is tripled to full brim, whatever you can originally do in a meta state you can do triple of it! You are immortal in your meta state”
Sara explained, she could feel her connection with Kara go faint, it means Kara is either going too far from the refuge or she is near death.
“Kara? Kara! Channel your powers and think of your worst fear, your meta powers would be triggered once your body senses the fear of death”
Sara explained but there was no response from Kara.
“Kara! Kara!”
Kara was half way gone but she heard and responded
“Am here m…um”

“Zara should stopped shielding you, you would be forced into your meta state”

Kara commanded Zara to let go, it reluctantly did. A rock headed her way but just a breathe away her eyes opened with thunder and shone white. A force field erupted and caused a shield around her. Her hair turned white.
Sara’s staff began to vibrate just beside her in the tomb and within minutes it dug itself out of the tomb and flew through the portal. Every eyes could see as the staff got through the portal. Simra immediately had hope
“Yes Kara, come on you can do this”
Elias had to stand up now. He knew what the staff stood for, Kara cannot make it out alive.
“The race is over, close the portal!”
He called out with red eyes!
Kara felt her bones boiled for extreme powers, it was too strong for her, she felt she is going explode. Her veins stood firmly and threatened to tear out of her skin.
The climate changed in the Arena. The clouds went dark with lightening. Kara began to oozed of lightening the moment she got hold of the staff.
On touching her dragone it roared and joined her meta state.
A sudden cold filled the Arena. Elias called out again when he noticed Simon hesitated.
“Close the portal Simon, the race is over, or you want some threat to walk through that portal. Don’t you see what is happening?”
Simon saw reasons with him, if indeed a priestess’ staff flew into the portal for Kara, then Kara is no doubt a priestess and a potential threat to the refuge.
“Close the portal!”
He called out
Simra screamed in disagreement but she was no match for Simon. He teleported and stood before Simra before she made a move to stop the Instructed knights from closing the portal.
But then just as the knights made a move to close the portal, a sudden lightening broke through the portal and sent them scattered to different directions!
The suspense tensed up, a sudden silence took hold of the Arena; With eyes filled with lightening Kara walked through the portal with the staff and her dragone by her side!

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