Simra felt it was time to opt for Kara and Jason’s release from the dungeon. She gathered her wits together and approached Simon to request for the teens release.

“Sire if I may ask, why is Kara and the boy Jason still in the dungeon, it’s already 24hours without proof of Kara being a threat”

Simon was quiet as he continued his meditation, he was seated with his legs crossed and his eyes closed.

Simra didn’t care if he was in the middle of something indispensable, her demand was paramount to her, she needed Kara out of dungeon that minute.

“Simra you can have her, now can you leave me to meditate?”
“Of course sire”

Simra bowed and left but immediately she stepped out, Simon called for his most trusted ally.

“Eric, follow her and monitor Kara’s every move, report to me if you notice anything strange”


Simra called as she approached the dungeon.

Kara could recognise it was Simra’s voice. She tapped Jason who was still asleep 

“Jason, Jason, get up, the keeper is here”

Reluctantly Jason sat up and yawned to indicate he was famished.

“Kara, up you get”

Simra said the moment the guards opened the gates for Kara’s release.

“You to boy”

Simra indicated as she turned to Jason, quickly she took hold of both teens and teleported them to her Chambers.

“Jason, I would love to speak to you”

Simra said and took the boy aside.

Kara saw it as an opportunity to communicate with Sara again.

“Mum? Mum?”

She said in her mind 

“I’m here”

Sara replied.

“How do I find you Mum?”
“I can’t tell you where I am a now because I was spelled here by magic, it has prevented me from discerning my exact location but I can see and feel everything in the refuge and beyond, like I can see the elders in a meeting now discussing about the yearly warlock competition which is to start off in a week’s time, you would have to participate in the competition”

Kara didn’t find the idea interesting.

“I don’t think that is possible, I can’t participate in such competition without my powers, and remember I can’t use my powers”

Sara was quiet that Kara felt she had lost connection with her.

“Kara you have to participate, there is a reason for it, I will explain to you later, I would guide you on how win”
“Mum where have you been, I mean you left me, you abandoned me right? Like for how long have you been in my head?”
Kara did not understand how Sara just popped up from nowhere to tell her what to do.

“I never abandoned you, someone did this to me, someone i can’t reveal to you now, and I could recently connect with you because your powers was let loosed. Something prevented me from connecting with you for years, I believe it’s the canvan bracelet”

Kara was quiet when she notice Simra approaching the Chambers.

“Where is Jason?”

Kara was quick to ask when she noticed Simra came back alone.

“He would be back Kara, he has a special connection with you, I can sense it, he would be…”

Simra made a pause when she noticed Kara  without the necklace, her eyes went wide open.

“What?” Kara made a frown with her face as she asked trying to figure out the reason for Simra’s outburst.

“Kara?” Lia came in next, she hurried and hugged Kara with laughter reverberating in the Chambers 

“I thought I was going to lose you dear one”
“No way Lia, you won’t, I am right here”

Kara ignored Simra for a minute to assure Lia.

“Lia, Kara is without the necklace”

Simra announced, Lia took a few steps backwards to take another look at Kara.

“How is this possible Kara?”

Kara acted like she did not denote what they meant.

“What? I learnt how to control it”
“I don’t know, I guess I figured it out on my own”

Simra did not need to think twice before she replied Kara.

“You are telling lies Kara, I can sense it with my mind, remember you can’t lie to a keeper”

Kara’s heart missed a bit, Sara had warned that she must not reveal to anyone that she could communicate with her.

“Kara, she is reading your mind, you have to lock her out”

Sara instructed and Kara did just that.

“Stop pushing me out Kara” Simra called out.

Lia stood transfixed at both Kara and Simra, she could not tell what was going on.

“I am not doing anything Simra”
“Liar, you are pushing me out of your mind”

Simra was clearly stressed, veins stood firm on her forehead while Kara seemed more relaxed with folded arms.

“Maybe you should not be in my mind, it’s my mind right? It’s supposed to for me and me alone”

Kara continued with a smile.

“Simra you are bleeding”

Lia announced when she saw blood dripping from Simra’s nose.

Kara successfully pushed Simra out of her mind before she went to say

“And emm, I am going to participate in the warlock competition next week”

Both Simra and Lia looked to each other in shock and then back to Kara before Simra spoke out 

“Kara you must be out of your mind”
©Onyeneke Abel . February 2019 all rights reserved.
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