“What do we do Jason? I…am scared”

Kara shivered, she could tell with the look the Griffin shot at them that it was out to kill.

“It’s going to kill us”

She continued trying to get Jason on his feet but Jason was too weak to stand on his feet.

“You will have to take back your powers, now or…”

Jason was not able to finish what he intended to say, he past out with blood dripping from mouth.


The Griffin would not permit Kara to say anything else. He grabbed her by the neck and sniffed her continuously to discover she was not his target, she was powerless.

It’s attention turned to Jason with haste, it flung her aside and picked Jason up with it’s mind.


Kara could hear the voice in her head, it was clear and direct.

“Who is there?”

She asked in fright thinking it was the Griffin playing with her mind? 

“You have to fight it Kara, you have to get your powers back else you are both going to die”

Kara felt she could trust the voice in her head, it was the only option she had at that moment.

She looked to the Griffin who had already dug it’s teeth into Jason’s neck, sapping every ounce of powers it could. The more it absolved the more it grew bigger!

“Kara it’s me, your mother Sara, you have to trust me and get your powers back”
“My what? How?”
“There is no time for questions, now look to the Griffin so I can see it, you are my eyes”

Kara quickly looked back to the horrific creature.

“Now look to the tiny hole that glows just beneath it’s spine, can you see it?”
“Yes I can see it”

Kara confirmed

“Hurry what should I do? It’s killing Jason”
“Dig your hands into that hole you see now”
“What? I can’t…”
“Do it or die, your choice, chose wisely”

Sara’s voice came so firm that it sounded like the only option left for Kara. How she could hear her mother in her head was a mystery she was going to solve later, her who she felt abandoned her for dead. Now she had a problem to solve.

Quickly she hurried and dug her right hands into the Griffin. It let out a scream that alerted the guards outside the prison walls.

Immediately Kara’s powers returned to her.

Her eyes went dark, the clouds thickened to form an ice… The foundation of the refuge began to shake.

“Kara you have to control yourself”

Sara’s voice rang in her head.

“I can’t, I can’t control it!”

She screamed as veins stretched up to her head.

The Griffin in it’s anger grab by her neck and held her against the wall but soon it’s hand began to burn up as Kara set it on fire with her mind.

“Halt! Halt demon!”

The guards could barely see what was going on in the dungeon but they could see the Griffin burning in flames.

“Kara you are going to explode, cause a darkness so you can shield yourself from the guards”

Sara’s voice came again..

“How do I do that?”
“Simple, just think of it”

And she did, total darkness covered the whole refuge that the elders took lamps and hurried to the dungeon to see for themselves, now they would have proof to show the whole refuge, proof that Kara was a demon.

“Kara direct your energy to the Griffin, think of killing it”

Sara’s voice directed and Kara made the Griffin dissolve into Ash.

“Good, now close your eyes and take a deep breath, relax and say these words. *Glueth arisa tiarisa quickum*”

Kara began to recite it and slowly she could feel her powers subsiding 

“Hurry and say it continuously, the elders are on their way here, sit down and cross your legs”

Kara sat and placed both her hands on her thigh as she repeated the words till she felt light. Her powers became calm.

“Now touch Jason”

She did and Jason inhaled and regained consciousness. It was all like magic to Kara.

“Now make these Ash of the Griffin disappear, teleport it out of the dungeon so the elders would not have evidence against you”

Sara instructed next.

“How do I do that”
“Like I said before, all you have to do is think, your powers would do the rest”

 Kara stretched her hands over the burning Ash and it varnished the next second.

“Clear up the darkness and sit back, the elders are at the gates already”

Quickly Kara sat back with Jason and she made the darkness clear up.

Simon teleported to the dungeon immediately the darkness cleared up, but he was a little late, all he saw was Kara and Jason seated like nothing happened.

Without saying a word he teleported back to his Chambers, he knew he had to released Kara and Jason, he had no evidence against them, the guards in charge of the prison swore the saw Kara lit the Griffin on fire but there was no proof to second their accusations.

“Mum where are you?”

Kara asked when she was sure it was just Jason and herself, Jason gave her a suspicious look but she didn’t mind.

“I am right here in the refuge, Kara, you need to find me”
© Onyeneke Abel . February 2019 all rights reserved.



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