Simon caressing the necklace around Kara’s neck made Simra shiver where she stood, she knew Simon would definitely pull it off and of course hell would let loose the moment he does.
“If I may cut in sir”

All eyes turned around to see Jason who stepped out and stood before Simon.

“And who said you can kid?”

Simon’s question erupted murmurs in the hall, they all wondered what gave Jason the guts to stand up to Simon.

“What is wrong with him? Is he mad?”

Friya whispered to katherine, a member of her crew, Katherine simply shrugged her shoulders and stood on her toes to see the end of the scene, she was equally flummoxed.

Jason knew Simon’s question was meant to shut him up while he still had the chance but he was not ready to stand back.

“Sir with all due respect I would like to know the purpose of the refuge again and it’s code of conduct, cos as far as I know it is for teens like us who have got nowhere to go and most importantly who have got powers, or is that not the case here sir?”

Silence enveloped the hall, Jason had a point, why is Kara being punished for having powers if the purpose of the refuge is to shield those with powers and teach them how to use it for good.
“Kid you are right but….”
“Then why is Kara treated like an enemy? Why has she always been left out, ostracized, bullied at even when she has done nothing wrong! Why do people call her a monster when she is the one that is being hurt, no one shows her love, no one shows her care, we all hate a person for things a prophesy said? The elders would kill an innocent girl who has shed no blood? What is the purpose of the refuge then? To kill the innocent?”
Jason walked towards Kara and picked her jaw with his finger to lift her face to him, she was in tears.

“Look at her Sir, if in the future she actually becomes a monster then it would be our fault”
“How dare you! How dare you, you peasant! You bastard! Throw him in the dungeon!”

Elias stood up in wrath.
“No, the kid has a point, he has been blinded by the pretense of the girl, they all have, they don’t know that beneath this innocent crying face is a terrifying monster, if you would allow me to show it to you Jason”

Simon said and turned back to every other person who stood in the hall.

“If you would allow me to show it to all of you, the monster she really is”

With that he teleported back to Kara’s side, shoved Jason from holding her and pulled off the necklace.

There was a pause of fear on everyone and Elias was eager to see just how Kara would show the crowd how monstrous she was.

Few seconds turned into few minutes and then more than 20 minutes but nothing happened, all that was heard was Kara sniffing and sobbing.

Simon felt disgraced and embarrassed.

“Guess I was right after all”

Jason last words lit up the anger in him that he slapped a tooth out of Jason’s mouth

“Throw them in the dungeon, this meeting is dismissed”

He said and teleported into his Chambers.

Simra returned to her Chambers where Lia was waiting impatiently for some good or bad news.

“Simra? What happened, where is Kara?”
“In the dungeon, the elders are yet to decide her fate”
“Oh no, they discovered she has powers? She is doomed Kara, don’t you think it’s time to bring back Sara? She would die if Sara is…”
“They did not find out, they did not find out about her powers”

Lia made a pause and then squealed for joy before she noticed Simra was still pensive 

“What’s wrong, you are supposed to be happy right?”
“Lia, Simon took off her necklace and nothing happened”

Lia allowed a questionable frown on her face before she asked.

“Is that supposed to be a problem, maybe she knows how to control her powers”
“No, Kara cannot control her powers just yet, something must have happened, and I can not think of anyone but the boy, Jason, he is special and we need him”

Lia thought for a while and discovered she could not figure anyone with the name Jason and so she asked.

“Who is Jason?”

“What did you do Jason, I  made it clear the other day that you should Saturday away from me”

Kara said as she sat with Jason in the dungeon, her face buried in her palms.

“What? I can’t believe you would say this right now, after I just saved your ass”
“I didn’t ask you to Jason, I was ready to make them pay, all of them, for what they’ve done to me”
“And how to do you propose to do that? You can not control your powers just yet, I felt it, it’s like a boiling water ready to explode inside of you, if it was still in you the moment Elder Simon removed your Necklace all you would do is explode and boom, you are dead”

Kara lifted up her head now to take another look at her saviour, he is an handsome teen indeed, just that now he was bleeding, her eyes went wide as she called out 

“Jason you are bleeding”

Jason touched his nose and realised blood was dripping from his nose.

“Dammit, it’s your powers, when I touched your Jaw I swapped my powers with yours, it’s the reason nothing happened when the necklace was removed, now your powers is tearing me up”

Kara hurried to him when he lost balance and fell to the ground.

“What do I do Jason?”
She asked in fear.

“You would have to take back your powers, but if that happens, you would loose control, and I have got barely some few minutes before your powers shuts down my system completely”
“What does that mean?”
“It means I’ll die Kara, and the moment I die your powers comes back to you, either way you are getting your powers back”

Kara looked up to the gates of the dungeon when she noticed a shadow cast upon them. She could not tell she knew the creature coming towards them is the most monstrous creature she had ever seen in her entire life and she could tell it was not coming for good.

“Jason, we’ve got company, big company, big problem”

Jason laid on his belly to see the Griffin approaching them with red eyes.

“Oh no no no, it’s the Griffin, we are so dead Kara!.
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