“Hold on tight!”

Kara advised as she took front and stood to lead the other racers. It was an intense storm coming their way. The clouds thickened to rocks and lightening struck continuously with the aim of striking every racer dead.

“Follow my lead!”

Kara screamed out as she made a force shield to give them a safe passage.

Soon the storm was just a breathe away, fear was written on everyone’s faces, including Kara. They had never seen anything like it before, it approached them like a wild hurricane and many knew they stand no chance against this climate enemy, now they understood why in every race, only one or two person survives and some other time no one survives the race. They prepared their mind for death and Kara saw it on their faces.

“Guys! Guys!”

Kara had to scream to get their attention.

“Listen, we would get through this, nothing can stop us alright, not even this little storm, they sent us out here to die but we are going to prove to them that we are much more than that! That we are not just survivors, we are knights! Warriors! We would make it out for our loved ones, we have to! Who is with me!”

Sadly no one responded.

“Kara look out!”

Jason screamed out when he noticed a massive rock had escaped the impending storm to knock Kara off her dragone. But then, Kara was quick to split the rock in half with her mind, she took hold of both part of the rock with her mind to prevent it from hitting anyone, steadily she took a turn on her dragone and sent the rock the opposite way.

They all watched with shock in their eyes, no one had witnessed such agility, such quick reflexes, such power, such strength.

Now Kara turned back to the racers and screamed out again.

“Who is with me!”

Without hesitation they all raised their hands, they trusted not just Kara now, but also the wonders her powers could perform.

“Now let’s kick this storm butt!”

She ignited a fighting spirit in them. And watch then roar with confidence.

“Stick together! A traingle formation!”
“Who made her Commander?”

Friya questioned with a raised eyebrow.

“I think you would rather die here huh? If not then do as she says”

Jason corrected.

The racers obeyed and made a triangle formation, joining their hands together.

Veins stood visible on Kara’s forehead as she created a force field to shield them.

The storm got to them now, the force of the wind was tough and was going to throw them off balance but Kara’s hand on Jason transferred strength to every racers who joined hands together with him. They maintained the formation inside Kara’s power shield.

Steadily they moved and then suddenly the star lead them to a opened portal. 

They made it already!

“Come on! We are almost there!”

The star went through the portal and they could see the arena in the refuge!

“Hold on tight!”

The storm intensified, soon Kara’s force field began to weaken at the force of the storm. The more they approach the portal the more the storm intensified.

“Kara! I am losing hold!”

Jason cried out.

“No no, hold on tight, she tighten her grip on his hand.

“We would make it, we are almost there!”

She said and threw Jason through the portal. Jason landed safely in the arena, the crowd roared with shout of victory!

“Friya come on!”

Kara called as she stood at the entrance of the portal, she needed to make sure everyone goes through the portal.

“Come on quick!”

She was loosing hold, blood began to drip from her nose, her eyes began to go dim.

“Come on…quick”

She called in a weak tone.

The Assassins were the last to go through, they knew they do not need to do much to make sure Kara do not go through, she was exhausted already.

The leader of the gang stood just by the portal, staring into Kara’s weak eyes he took out his prepared knife he had soiled with poison and dug it into Kara’s side.

Her force field dissolved, She gasped in pain and fell off her dragone into the storm…
Moon Walker 2

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