Tension heated up minutes after Kara rode into the belly of the beast. But then, all of a sudden she made a burst out of the beast with Jason and his dragone with her. She rose up in the sky and let out an energy outburst that blew the rest of the beast to pieces, except one.

“This isn’t Kara”

Friya said with a frown, she didn’t want to believe what her eyes saw, Kara is a weakling, she has no powers, this person who has tore her way out of every beast isn’t Kara.

“This way! This is the way out!”

Kara screamed out the racers as she pointed to the beast still standing… She figured it out, their way out is in the belly of the beast!

“Are you out of your mind Kara, you mean we should ride to our death.

Kara looked back to Friya who did not buy Kara’s idea.

“Listen there is no time, more would come soon, you guys have got to trust me, the belly of this beast is the way out!”

For a moment, only the gentle roar of the dragones was heard, no one was willing to take the risk.

“I’ll go with Kara, she just saved my life alright, and if anyone has an idea on how to get out of this dark desert or whatever it is called, please say something, if not then let’s go with what Kara says”

Everyone remained quiet still, they were waiting for who to make the first move.

Soon Kara could perceive more beasts in hundreds heading their way.

“They are coming, more are coming”

She whispered to Jason and then turned to the rest of the racers.

“I’ll go first!”

She said out loud and rode her dragone into the belly of the beast. Jason followed immediately. Few minutes later Friya followed but it was quite unfortunate for a good number of racers who were scared to ride into the belly of the beast. Hundreds of hungry and fierce beasts arrived and tore them apart.

Through the belly of the beast Kara rode and found an opening.

“This way”

She rode through it and came out in the open sky.

“How did you know that was the way out?”

Jason questioned.

“I really can tell, but my Instincts were so certain it was the way out, it felt like I have passed through this desert before”
“Hmm, have you?” Jason asked trying to get more information about Kara’s powers.

“I can’t tell, I have been in the refuge all my life…come on let’s go, the star is still moving”

Friya found only two of her gang remaining, they were in the dark desert, her pursuit for Kara’s downfall went dry. The multitude who started the race had been reduced to 10 racers!

Kara had a bad feeling, the race had been calm since after the dark desert, she knew something is wrong, and that something big is coming, she felt it so strong with her powers.

“Listen up guys, this isn’t the end, this is a trick to catch us off guard!”

She stopped her dragone to talk to the rest of racers.

“So who made you queen Kara? You think you can order us around? How can we tell it is not you setting up all these traps. I mean how did you even know our way out of the desert was through the belly of the last beast standing? Who are you Kara? And what is your mission in the refuge”

Friya spoke out and erupted murmurs among the survivors, no one rode to finish first again, they understood it is not really a race with a trophy handed over to the racer who would finish first, it is about surviving till the very end.

“You can only trust her Friya, she just saved our lives, means she knows the way out of this suicide race”

Jason spoke to defend Kara.

“Right Kara? You know what and where we are heading to”

Jason continued as he threw the question back to Kara.

Kara was quiet, she sensed big trouble coming their way, some petty argument isn’t what they should engage in now.

“We’ve been following the star, it tells us the path to ride, I discover the things I do based on my Instincts, now it’s your choice to believe me and do as I say, I am not making it a must on anyone alright?”

Just as Kara dropped her words thunder rumbled, the clouds went dark, a sudden cold wind began to evolve in their midst.

“Kara what are you doing!”

Friya questioned immediately, she had witnessed what Kara can do, so seeing the sudden climate change means Kara was up to something.

“It isn’t me, I am not doing anything, something big is coming, it’s here”

The racers tightened their grip on their dragone, this was the last lap of the race, it was equally the most difficult, Kara could sense it.

“When do we strike commander?”

It was one the assassins Elias sent to make sure Kara do not make it back to the refuge alive. They had successfully disguised themselves as racers.

“Very soon, she would never make it back, Elder Elias made me swear with my life that she would not make it back, she has to die”
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