Kara was a little scared of riding her dragone, she didn’t know how to ride, she has never rode a dragone before, she stood with it as she watch the others get chosen by their dragones. The dragones pick a suitable match based on the desires of the heart. Friya got a vicious looking dragone, no one was surprised she did.

“Hey, you’ve got the eyes of everyone now, what a dragone you’ve got huh”

Jason drew near to Kara with a flashy smile.

“What can I say, I am lucky I guess”

Kara chuckled out.

“No Kara, no one gets lucky with a white dragone, it has special powers unlike the other dragone, only your mother Sara, has the record of a white dragone, guess you’ve broken that record”

Kara became a bit interested now. She never knew her mother had a white dragone too.
_mum is that true? You have a white dragone_?

Kara asked Sara without hesitation.
_Yes Kara, I named it Sieral, we fought great battles together_
_okay so where is it?_
_it won’t be visible to the eyes of any being until I call for it_

Sara went on to answer Kara’s disturbing questions.
_okay so when will you call for it?_
_when the time is right kara_
Jason had to touch Kara to bring her back to their discussion.

“Kara, hey…”
“Oh sorry…”

She apologized when she realized she had being staring at him without any response to all he said.

“So you were saying?”
“I was asking if you know how to ride, this is going to be one hell of a ride Kara, not many will survive this ride”

Kara’s heart pounced against her chest, she could not tell what the race was all about, over the years all she witnessed were those who survived the race, they usually arrive battered with wounds and one time a few died minutes after they made it back to the arena, no one knew what it was all about, or what obstacle they would face.

_mum, I do not know how to ride_

Kara complained to Sara immediately.
_you can, all you have to do is connect with you dragone, give it a name_

Jason snapped his fingers again to bring Kara back to the physical world.

“You seem lost Kara, are you okay? Can you survive this ride?”
“I won’t just survive Jason, I would arrive the finish line first”

Jason chuckled softly, he knew Kara is not skillful enough to ride a dragone.

“I love your guts young lady, we would meet at the finish line”

Kara felt no need to say anything else, she simply offered a smile and climbed on to her dragone.

“I name you Zara”

She muttered and her dragone responded through telekinesis.

Kara eyes went wide.

_mum, I can hear it, it spoke to me_
_of course it will, it would teach you how to ride, now Kara listen to me, Elias is plotting against you, he has assigned a few deadly knight to see that you do not survive this race_

Sara revealed to Kara, she could see and feel everything and every being from where she laid in a deep slumber beneath the refuge.

Kara’s heart doubled it’s beat.

_Relax Kara, they are no match for you, I will tell you what to do, just be careful and trust no one, not even Jason_ 

“Alright warlocks! Gather around to the starting line!”

The host called when he was sure everyone had their dragone ready for the race.

“Now the rule is simple, get to the finish line before sun down, whatever you would encounter in this ride should be kept a secret, that is if you come out alive! You are to travel through the dark deserts…” He made a pause as if he felt he was revealing too much, murmurs erupted among the warlocks.

“The dark desert? Is this a ride or a mass murder?”

One of the teen said aloud with fear in his eyes.
“On a second thought all you have to do is follow this star”

He paused again to reveal the golden star that stood just up in the sky…

“where ever it leads is where you are supposed to ride past till you find yourself back here in the arena…if you find yourself back in the arena”

Friya shot an inimical look toward Kara when she noticed Jason picking a leaf from her hair.

“I am going to kill you, you daughter of the cursed!”

Friya said in her mind but Kara heard it, she swallowed a lump of saliva down her throat.

Apart from what she was going to face in the race, she was sure not just Friya but a good number of powerful knights, would do anything to see she do not make it.


The host called to get the attention of the riders!


All hands tightened to their Dragone as they got ready to take off.

**You ready Zara?**

Kara questioned and got a response from her dragone, it gave a low roar.


A forceful wind swept the host off his feet as every dragone flapped its wings and dashed into the sky.

Kara was a little shaky, she was left far behind as she struggled to maintain balance on her dragone.

“It won’t take long to get this freak eliminated”

Friya chuckled out as she she flew past Kara.

_kara relax, don’t fight it, connect with your dragone, you do not have to use your physical strength to ride your dragone, you use your mind_

Sara instructed and Kara stopped the dragone from flying for a moment.

She placed both her hands by it’s neck and soon a light began to radiate from eyes till it made a spark, her eyes shone white and so did the dragone.

“Yes am in! Now go Zara!”

Zara let out a loud roar as it spread it’s wings! With the speed of lightening it took a spin and speed past every other dragone within minutes.

Friya could not believe her eyes, she was not going to watch Kara take front.

“Oh it’s game on Kara!”

She took out her arrow, aimed and shot at Kara.

“Zara down”

Kara called, she could feel every ounce of power vibrating in her system, she could feel everything, even the heart beat of her dragone, and so when Friya shot the arrow she heard it as clear as a key falling to the ground.

Her dragone obeyed swiftly and twisted downwards to dodge the arrow.

Looking back Kara witnessed every rider bringing out their weapons, she soon realized that this wasn’t a race, it was war!
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