“Give me some goodnews kid, I want to hear it”

The druid led down his hood to reveal the large scar inflicted just below his eyes.

“I want to hear her scream in pain, huh son, I want to inflict her with the same pain her mother Sara Inflicted on me”

Grodd spoke with voice of vengeance, his eyes were stony red.

“Easy father, we would have our revenge, but it would be delayed because the girl is too powerful, I was able to take her powers but it was too much for me, I almost lost my life in the process, it shut down my organs and almost stopped my heart”

Jason expressed his concern in the quest for vengeance, if he was going to help his father achieve his vengeful dreams then stealing Kara’s powers is the only way.

“Hmm, we would need to sacrifice more souls to perform this dark magic, you need more energy to…”
“No father, no…”

Jason would not permit his father to finish up.

“No, no more blood shed of innocent people, I would think of another way”
“And what way is that? Indulge me”

Jason smile evilly before he replied

“Love, love is the way to get Kara, I make her fall in love with me, and in her weakest moment we strike”

The loud bells of the refuge rang continuously in every quarter and hall.

The general hall is packed with students dressed like warriors on for battle. It was the first day of the competition. Simon had to address the crowd before they move to the arena.
“Dear ones, now is not the time to look back or be faint in heart, now is when you prepare your mind for the inevitable, now is when you prepare your mind for death, if you have to say your goodbyes to your friends then you do that now…”

He made a pause as he searched amongst the contestant for Kara.

“Where is Kara?”
“Here sire”

She popped her head up for him to see, she wasn’t dressed in any armour that it bothered Simon.

“You are not dressed in an armour, you are really prepared to die?”

He didn’t know if it was sudden sympathy he felt for Kara or he was scared of what her power outburst would look like.

“I won’t be needing it sire”

A sudden giggle started up in the hall that later resulted to a lot of persons laughing their eyes out. No one believed the feeble Kara would last a minute.

“Okay then, let the battle of the warlocks begin!”

Simon announced and with a shout the crowd opted for the arena.
_mum what does the competition entails?_
Kara communicated to Sara
_i have no idea Kara, but whatever it is, we would be ready_


“Warlocks, gather around!”

The host called and led the warlocks to an open barn just by the arena.

“The first part of this battle is a race”

It didn’t sound difficult to Kara until the statement was completed.

“A race in the sky, with your chosen dragones!!!”

A roar from the crowd proved they were all excited but it was not same for the warlocks, a good number of them had fear in their eyes. The dragones looked hungry and fierce.

_Mum you heard that?_
_I did, trust me you are going to enjoy this_

Sara communicated back.
“So go on and chose your dragones”

Kara was going to rush in but Sara stopped her.

_easy Kara, you do not chose a dragone, a dragone chooses you, if you rush in you might get eaten up, it’s a trick, be wise_
And it was just as Sara said, Kara watched as three warlocks got eaten up by the supposed dragones!
“No way! I can’t do this!”

A kid cried out and attempted to run for his life but he was shot dead with an arrow.
“Is there anyone else who would want to run away?”

The question came just after the kid laid dead.

“There is no turning back warlocks, pick your dragone and prepare for the race”

The host called out again but Kara would not permit anyone else to be eaten.
“Wait, wait!”

She took front and stood in front of them.

“Get out of the way scared rat”

Friya spoke mockingly but no one laughed this time, they were all visibly scared.
Kara ignored Friya and went on

“Wait guys, if you go in there you will all be eaten, you do not chose a dragone, a dragone chooses you, watch this”

Kara was not sure of what do when she took the lead and stood in front of the barn.

_what do I do mother, they are all watching me_
_simple, open your mind and call for your dragone, it would come to you_

Sara replied.
Kara shut her eyes and opened her mind, within minutes a loud roar was heard in a distance up in the sky, her dragone was not in the barn. Suddenly a white dragone landed with a force that blew off the barn.

The dust had to settle for the crowd to see Kara fondling with the white dragone.
“Is that a white dragone?”

The murmur erupted all over the arena.

“A white dragone?”

Simon muttered from where he sat.

“Do you know what this means?”

Elias spoke up next…

“It means the girl is not just a seer, but a priestess, only a priestess has the power to command a white dragone, she has been deceiving us all these years, we have to make sure this girl do not survive this competition!”
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