Back in Simra’s chamber Kara sat with worried eyes as she observed her distance from Jason. She could not explain the zap of energy she felt each time he comes too close to her.

“Jason, what is going on with you?”

Jason understood what she meant but he felt she asked the wrong question.

“Me? Nothing Kara…”

There was silence till he continued.

“I am just drawn to you, I can’t explain why, it has always been like that, there is something about you I can’t explain”
“Means you are threat…”

Kara did not hesitate to conclude.
“But we were together in the dungeon Kara, nothing happened, why now? Would you want me to stay away from you after everything?”

Kara understood what he meant, she felt bad immediately, Jason has stood by her when she had no one, it would be unfair to judge him like that.

“Okay I am sorry Jason, but there should be an explanation for this right? I would love to ask the keeper but we are not in good terms for now”

Silence stood for few minutes until Kara spoke up again.

“But emm Jason? Can you try to observe a little distance for now, you know emm… Emm like anytime we meet, just try to observe a little distance, the shock I get is very uncomfortable, I would not want to feel that anytime soon”.

Jason giggled although Kara felt it wasn’t funny 
“What’s funny?”
“No nothing, nothing, I’ll try but I am not sure I can for long, your lips is not helping the situation my lady”

Kara felt a little shy and embarrassed when she noticed Jason has been staring at her lips. She flushed and cleared her throat before she stuttered out.

“What’s? What’s…that supposed to mean Jason?”
“It means your lips looks soft and warm, I wonder who has had the privilege to touch those lips, he is one lucky guy you know”

Kara found her mouth open with no words coming out. Wait, is Jason flirting with her? How does she tell him that she has never been kissed before, it felt embarrassing.

“Your mouth is open my lady”

Jason reach for her jaw and again the energy zapped but this time it was different, it traveled down her spine to her G-spot to erupt a strange feeling she had never felt before. Now she understood what Jason meant when he said he was drawn to her, because at that moment she was drawn to him, it felt like a rope kneaded together.

“Emm Jason, I think you are straying….past your boundaries, it took less than a minute to cover the distance between us, what happened to your promise to try and observe a little distance”

Kara said when she realized her.

Jason was going to say something but Lia butt in when she walked in.

“Jason, that would be all for today, I would love to speak to Kara alone”

Lia said and watched as Jason found his way out.

“Lia nothing you say would stop me”

Kara had to spell it out to Lia before she made the move to say anything.

“I know, the competition starts tommorow and I want you to be extremely careful, some folks play dirty, you have to be wise and play smart, I pray the spirit be with you”

Kara responded with a nod and offered a quick smile, she was tempted to ask after Simra but she changed her mind.

“Alright little one, you need to rest, it’s a great day tomorrow”

As soon as Lia stepped out, Sara communicated to Kara.

“Kara, I have a bad feeling about the boy Jason, you have to be careful”
“Why mom? What’s wrong with him, he has been good to me”
“I know, but be careful child, I am reading a repulsive energy from his veins, he has powers I cannot place my hands on. Remember he could easily swap your powers, in my time it took Gaza, the raelic stone and a group of wizards to take my powers. But he could do that with just a touch. He is not what he says he is, be careful”

Kara felt her mom was over reacting but she conformed to Sara’s wish anyway…

“Alright mom, I will”


Through the morning fog, Jason sped with the sped of lightening, the birds of the air fled out of their resting place as he sped with a strange lightening trailing him. He stopped deep in the woods. Soon beings in a hood stood all around him until he stood face to face with a Druid. The druids were magical creatures who sort after dark magic for selfish purposes.

“How are you son, and how is the girl”

Jason had good news and with a smile he revealed.

“Everything is going according to the plan father”
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