“Kara! Kara! You defiled my orders, you disobeyed my instructions! Who gave you such temerity! Who?”

Simra rage when they got back to the Chambers, her eyes were red with wrath that Lia felt she was going to tear Kara apart.

Kara was quiet, she had never seen Simra in such rage before so she thought it wise to remain quiet.

“Kara! I asked a question, who made you sign up for the competition, you have never disobeyed my orders until now”
“No one, I signed up myself”

Silence stood in their midst for a while before Simra sighed and made her conclusion.

“Then you leave me no choice”

Kara could not tell what Simra had in mind but Sara could see as Simra reached for the necklace she hid underneath her sleeves.

“Kara, she has the canvan necklace, she wants to keep you locked up without powers again, if she does that I can’t communicate with you anymore”

Sara revealed and Kara asked immediately

“What do I do?”
“Stop time, and make the canvan bracelet melt off”
“I can stop time? Wow”

Simra threw the necklace at Kara, the canvan necklace was design to cleave to her neck the moment it was released but everything slowed down till it all became stiff. Lia and Simra remained in one position, the necklace remained stiff in the air and Kara was the only person who could move, she had stopped time.

She looked intently to the necklace and made it melt off before she released time from her grip.

The shock on Simra and Lia’s face made Kara laugh, she shook her head and reinstated her will to win the competition.

“I would win the competition Simra, I do not even have to struggle, I know what I am doing”

But it was not enough to convince Simra. She teleported to Kara and attempted to teleport her down to the depths of the refuge where she had Sara buried in a tomb but Kara heated up and she became to hot to touch.


Simra screamed as her hands burned up when she tried to touch Kara. She would not stop there, she harnessed her energy and created an energy blast, huge enough to blow Kara to dust.

“Simra stop, you will kill Kara!”

Lia called but Simra was determined to stop Kara no matter what.

Kara was a little scared when she saw the volume of the energy blast Simra created.

“Take your stand Kara, and redirect her energy back to her”

Kara nodded and stamped both her feet on the ground, it emanated an energy field around her, a strange wind began to tear the Chambers apart.

Simra could barely see as the wind around Kara made her vision blur but she knew which direction Kara was and so when she was done creating her energy she threw it at Kara.

Unfortunately the energy bounced back when Kara’s forced field seemed to strong to penetrate.

Simra’s eyes went wide as she saw her energy return back to her in a greater force, she was sure it would either cripple her or send her to her early grave. She only used such amount of energy on a formidable enemy.

Kara knew Simra might not survive the hit. She had to do something fast, she made a move, she could not tell if it was time she slowed down or if she was moving too fast. She dissolved the wind and sped to move Simra out of the way.

But then energy got to her, she stood her ground and absorbed the energy but it was too much, she bled from her nose and fell unconscious.


“Hey, hey” Kara could feel someone tap her, she could barely see but the green coloured eyes that had sparks in it gave her the intuition that it was Jason.

“Up up, you’ve been sleeping for quite some time lady”

He was full of smiles and Kara found it a little irritating.

“What? They sent you to talk me out of my decision to participate…”

Jason would not permit her to drop her thoughts he quickly interrupted

“No no, Kara, not at all, as a matter of fact I am a little glad you opted to participate, but still I am scared for you girl, you sure about this?”

Kara was going to reply but Jason’s hands met with her arm, a sudden zap of energy shook both of them that Kara had to spring up.

“What was that?”

She asked as she panted.

“Who are you? Please stay away from me”


Simon was seated observing his usual meditation when his spy, Eric, came with his report. His voice was shaky and in haste.

“Sir, the girl has powers, powers I have never seen before, I saw her withstand the keeper’s stage five energy blast, a blast that is intended to blew her to dust sir!”

Simon sprang to his feet with wide eyes.

“Are you sure about this?”

He asked in disbelief.

“I swear with the spirits sir, the girl powers is out of this world, no one can comprehend such power sir”

Simon was quiet until Eric pushed further to ask.

“What are you planning to do sir?”

Simon did not hesitate to answer.

“Now we make sure she participate in the warlock’s competition”
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