“I am not out of my mind, I meant every word I said, I am going to participate in the warlock competition this season”

Kara repeated her initial statement to prove she meant every word she said.

The warlock competition is a seasonal battle amongst the students to chose who gets to be recruited to the knights of the refuge.

“Kara quit the joke, the competition is a show of strength and powers, you won’t survive a sec in the ring, you don’t have powers remember?”

Lia chuckled before she spoke out, she concluded Kara was joking about her intentions to participate. All Kara did over the years was to watch the competition from the stands. The kids she grew up with in the competition were all knights already, she began to guess Sara wanted her as a knight of the refuge.

“I am not joking”

Kara said with a Stern face, her hands folded as she shot a look to show she is serious about it.

Lia’s laughed went dry, she looked from Simra to Kara countless times before she spoke to Simra.

“Simra I think she is serious about it”

Simra was quiet, she wanted to pry through Kara’s mind but Kara remained impenetrable.

“You are not participating in that competition Kara”

Simra gave the final verdict and gave no more room for Kara to protest when she teleported out of the Chambers.

Kara did not hesitate to push for her will to participate, she waited till the day of the general hall assembly, where all the students assemble to chose between a blue and red cloth shredded into bits. The blue Indicated no participation and the red indicated an interest and an Immediate entry into the competition.

As expected Friya was was first to come out to pick from both cloth, she pick the red and a dropped it at the feet of Simon as it should be.

Every other person followed suit till it got to Kara’s turn. No one took her serious because they all expected her to pick a blue cloth as she had done over the years. But this time it was different, she picked the red cloth. Immediately every elder stood to their feet in shock; Simon’s mouth stood wide upon as Kara took a few more bold steps and dropped the cloth at his feet.

“I hope you know what you are doing mother”

Kara communicated with Sara. The eyes that stared at her were not friendly.

“I am, trust me”

Sara gave a comforting reply.

“Oh well look who it is, the outcast without powers is participating in most dreaded competition of the refuge, what does she think this is, a food party?”

Friya spoke sarcastically and loud enough for everyone to laugh.

Simra could not believe her eyes, kara defiled her orders and went ahead to make her entry to the competition, this could  lead to her death, is she mad? immediately she stood to her feet and spoke out to Simon.

“Sire it is suicide for a kid without powers to participate in the warlock battle, would the head elder accept such entry from a kid who is helpless?”

A sudden silence enveloped the hall, everyone waited for a word from Simon. Simon had two thoughts in mind, this could finally be the opportunity to reveal the truth about Kara’s powers to the general public, or this could be the suicide as Simra has claimed, but there is nothing he could do about it, Kara has to participate.

“There is no law that says anyone without powers can not participate in the competition, and so if it is true that kara has no powers then I offer my sympathy and my condolences to you Simra”

Simra knew exactly what Simon meant when he said he is offering his sympathy and condolences, he knew Kara would not make it out alive.

“Sir I beg you, offer the kid a chance to rethink her decision, maybe she is confused about it”

Simra hurried to Simon’s feet and knelt as she pleaded.

“Okay Simra”

Simon obliged and looked back to Kara who stood with folded arms.

“Kara, the warlock competition is not for the faint of heart, it is not for the weak and the soft. You may not make it out alive and so i am giving you this last chance to rethink your decision, go back and make your pick from the cloth again”

Kara did not look to Simra face, she ignored as Simra called to her with her mind.

“Kara you better pick the blue cloth! Don’t be foolish!”

She knew Kara could hear her but it fell on deaf ears. Kara went ahead and picked the red cloth and this time she placed the cloth on Simon’s hands.

“Sir I was not joking when I dropped the red cloth at your feet, and I do not need anyone’s sympathy, I made this decision and I expect the elders to respect it”

Kara spoke with boldness that erupted murmurs in the hall.

“Alright Kara, you have been enlisted in the warlock competition, may the spirits be with you”

© Onyeneke Abel . February 2019 all rights reserved.

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