Life Phenomenon Episode 7

Life Phenomenon (Episode one)

Life Phenomenon Episode 7

I left them and went to see my friend pascal to explain my new plans to him but he frankly warned me not to try such act since it could destroy my relationship but I argued it with him,after all his efforts to warn me against it and I disagreed he left me and told me to count him out of the plans since he won’t want to be stained with such shameful act.

I was very and angry and ashamed of myself as I didn’t get support from him which would be the first time he would turn down my plans,I stormed out of his house to the game center and swore never to have anything doing with him anymore.I went ahead with my plans to have my way with Lilian,”at least it’s not a new thing “I thought.

If I can have my way with her once I won’t bother her anymore, I began my plans by getting close to her and inviting my girlfriend over to my house with lillian’s accompany so as not to arose suspect whenever she(Lilian)comes alone without Amarachi.

Though, she was tough to get but as a smart guy and me been in the act since secondary school days made it easy for me to get her.

After some months, Amarachi resumed to school leaving me behind, I was elated on hearing this progress because I was on a long break which took three months and I already used a month and half remaining a month and half for me to achieve and conclude my plans.

I made plans with Amarachi on her resumption back to school and I also bought her gifts to take back, she was very happy and didn’t want to leave me but I encouraged her and promise to get in touch with her always that same day she left,one thing or the other lead to something and we made love.

I kept to myself for a whole week missing my dear Amarachi,we spoke like never before on phone and it was obvious she missed my company.

After a week I called her friend, Lilian to ask if she was still around and she affirmed to it and my joy was filled,I asked if she would like us to meet but she disagreed saying she can’t because Amarachi wasn’t around I was pissed off but had to keep calm because I knew it’s not going to be easy.

I tried to convince her and after much persuasions she succumbed to the idea and we fixed a date and the venue to meet,I didn’t want her to come to my house because I didn’t want to arouse suspicion and didn’t want to rush things with her,so I took the process gradually.

I was not happy with the way Pascal opposed my plans but I vowed to play my games well and give him my feedback on the plan.

Three days after, I called Lilian to know her stand on the issue we discussed so far and she promised to get back to me.

All my mind was to meet her in a joint or bar but things changed when I got a call that same night around 8.30pm in the night from her.


Life Phenomenon Episode 7

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