MOONWALKER 2 [the dark moon] chapter 6

MOONWALKER 2 [the dark moon] chapter 6

MOONWALKER 2 [the dark moon] chapter 6

Kara laid for some few more minutes when a few guards barge into the Chambers.

“You’ve got no manners? this is the keeper’s Chambers, show some respect!”

Lia charged both hefty men who appeared like men set for war.

“We’re sorry about that, the elders has requested Kara to stand before verdict hall”

One look at Lia’s expression revealed that the hall of verdict is nothing good.
“She can’t now, she is not feeling well”

Lia tried to make an excuse but the guards would not cooperate.
“Am afraid we can’t do anything about that, she has to come with us”
“Give me a minute to get her ready”

Lia slammed the door and stood behind it for a while as she sighed several times.

Slowly she sat beside Kara and held her hand.

“You have to be strong Kara”
“Why do I feel this verdict hall is the end for me”
“Listen kara, you have to be strong, really strong”
Lia was whispering now and it made Kara a littke scared.
“Whats going on Lia, what will they do to me?”
Lia was quiet, but she soon realised her silence would waste more time. She held Kara’s right hand to her chest, looking deep into her eyes she whispered.
“No matter what happens, no one must know you have powers, guide that secret with your life, its the only thing keeping you alive”
Kara didn’t get the opportunity to ask more questions, the guards forced their way in and picked her onto their shoulder…

It didn’t take more than a few seconds, Kara found herself in a large hall, standing face to face with the elders. The guards had teleported her to the hall to avoid anymore delay.

Her eyes skimped with fear burning in her veins. She noticed Simra in a square court box, it was obvious she was under questioning.
“Simra, care to explain, or should i say feed us with the lies you spilled earlier?”
Elias, one of the elders said the moment he saw Kara standing before them. Elias had never liked the idea of kara staying in the refuge, he had raised the suggestion that kara be killed to avoid the fufillment of the prophesy.
“As i said earlier, the girl is innocent and she has no powers whatsover”

Simra replied without looking to Kara’s direction.
Friya’s scoff made Kara realise she was not alone in the hall, looking behind her she saw the whole school standing behind her to see how the elders would decide her fate.
“Kara! Do you swear before the elders and the entire refuge that you’ve got no powers?”

Simon called to Kara who was obviously trembling.
Simra would not look to Kara’s direction but she hoped kara would not spill the secret, it would be the end for her if the elders discover she has powers.
It took few minutes for Kara to reply
“No sire, right from my childhood i have been without powers and the whole school knows that”
It was Elias again
“You’ve been hiding under the shadows of Simra, you are the reason a Griffin is in this school, plus only a priestess has the power that controls the weather, it is you!”
Turning to Simon he called out
“We should execute this witch before its too late!”
Simra began to regret her  decision to bury Sara in a tomb beneath the refuge, she would have been a good bonus to shut the entite refuge, she sincerely hoped kara would not be discovered else she would be executed immediately and it would definitely be the end of the refuge, because whenever or however Sara wakes up, she would rain thunderstorm on everyone of them.
“Silence Simon”
“Where were you when the school was enveloped in darkness?”
Simon next question proved technical, kara intelligently fathomed they must have checked Simra’s chambers during the incident to discover she wasn’t there.
“I was out in the woods, the keeper had sent me to fetch her some herbs”
“Deep in the woods we’ve discovered a massive explosion of a force that blew the trees around it to bits, only the powers of a priestess can do that Kara”
Simon stood up now when he noticed kara shiver.

Within seconds he teleported and stood before her.
“Maybe all this while Simra had found a way to keep your powers hidden until she figured a Griffin is out for you, you know the only reason we kept you in the refuge was because Simra assured us that she had gotten rid of your powers”

The hall was quiet, no one could predict Simon’s next move.

Kara could hear her heart throbbing so fast against her chest.
“Perharps she found a way to surpress your powers instead of getting rid of it, perharps its a canvan bracelet, but i can’t find any attached to your wrist, except this necklace that has never left your neck”
Simon hands went to carress the necklace.
“Tell me, what would happen if i pull off this necklace?”
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Moon walker 2

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MOONWALKER 2 [the dark moon] chapter 6

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