Simra was expecting an explosive wrath with the way Kara’s hands tightened to a fist. She was apparently flummoxed to the extent she paced a little before she resulted to an impending exclamation.
“What? You are joking with me right?”

“Funny it took you almost 30minutes to reply”
Lia chipped in before Simra continued.

“No Kara, I am not, we have to teach you how to use your powers but no one must know you have powers, it must be a secret”
Kara stood with folded arms, her forehead had a confused frown, she was obviously looking for the right words to say; she could not tell what she actually felt at that moment.
“Kara we have to start now, I would be taking you down to our secret training Chambers, you…”

“Wait, wait, wait”
Kara interrupted now.
“All my life I have been ridiculed and deserted because you led me to believe a lie? Like you’ve utterly destroyed my life! You made me believe I was a freak without powers, I got bullied by my mates, ostracized by every kid in the refuge and now one day you just pop out from nowhere and you are like, Kara you’ve got powers, you need to start training…”
Accidentally a disbelieving laugh escaped Kara’s lips.

“Are you fucking serious now? And you think I would just jump at the stupid idea and start your training? What are you both thinking? That I am a puppet?”
Simra had no words to keep Kara so she watched as Kara turned to leave. But, Lia was not going to let that happen. She magically drew Kara to stand before her and took Kara’s right hand.
“Alright let’s skip to the part where you die if you don’t learn how to use your powers. Give me you other hand, I’ll show you something”

Lia went ahead to hold Kara hands when she hesistated and showed her the kids murdered by the Griffin in a flash.
She went on to open up a memory of the past when she encountered a Griffin and how it horribly slew everyone who attempted to save her until she had to save herself by taking to her heels.

“What the hell is that!”
Kara shook in fear when Lia was done.

“That? That is what is coming for you! So you better skip all the pet talk and get to work if you want to live in the refuge for the next 24hours! Whatever the keeper did, she did for your own good. Now if she says it’s time to evolve, you do just as she has said, understood?!”

Kara didn’t realize when she subconsciously nodded to Lia. She knew no one likes her guts in the refuge, but she surely didn’t want to die just yet.

“Okay okay”
She laughed nervously and continued
“Well I don’t know how to start with this, I still don’t feel like I have powers, I feel so ordinary…”
Kara felt awkward when both Lia and Simra looked to each other with suspicious smile.
“Well you are about to find out”
Deep beneath Simra’s Chambers, Kara stood in a well organized training room. Kara was a bit flummoxed giving that she never fathomed there was a secret threshold that led to the training room, a threshold that had been in her room for years.
“So what now?”
She asked when Simra was done changing her clothes into an armour.
“Now you take off your necklace”

“Why my necklace? You said it’s for my protection”

“Yes it is, but now you have to take it off”

“Why do I have a feeling that this is a bad idea?”
Kara stalled a little

“Come on kid take it off already, we don’t have patience for this”

Slowly Kara’s hands went to the back of her neck and surprisingly she noticed Simra and Lia getting set for battle.

“Why are you both acting like you are about to fight a demon?”
Kara stalled again

“Oh Kara get on with this already!”

“Okay okay”

And the moment the necklace came off Kara froze.

Lia hurried to her.

“She is burning up, what’s going on?”

“Let her be, her powers has been locked in for a long time…”

Kara interrupted when a sudden wind began to revolve around her. The clouds went dark and her eyes glowed with darkness.

“What is hap-pening to me”
Kara stuttered, she was writhing in pain, like a force was trying to split her open.

“Kara calm down, take a deep breathe, this is normal, you just have to control it okay, calm down”

“I can’t, I wanna scream!”

“Oh bloody hell, Simra if she screams we are all toast, take her elsewhere please”

One look at Kara proved what Lia said was actually going to happen.
Quickly Simra teleported her out of the refuge into the woods and gave the go ahead.

“Now scream Kara, scream!”

Dark veins welled up to Kara’s forehead, she knelt to the ground, the grasses around her dried up, darkness oozed out of eyes and blood dripped from her nose… And with all the strength she had left she let out a scream, the trees around her vibrated and exploded to bits…
Simra called when it was getting out of hand.

“Control it!”

“I can’t! it’s tearing me up!”
She cried…
The dark clouds overshadowed the refuge, no one could see a thing, the elders summoned an emergency meeting with lamps as their means of light.

Simra had no choice, she magically fastened the necklace to her arm; exhausted she fell to the ground, the clouds cleared up and the head of the elders, Simon, called in rage
“Summon Simra now and that witch of hers, Kara!”
He knew only Kara had the power that affects the weather.

Kara woke up 24hours later to notice Lia sitting beside her.
“Where is Simra”
She asked

“Emm, she has a query to answer before the elders”

“Is it because of me?”

“I’d rather not talk about that now, she would be back soon, you have to rest”
A minute of silence had it’s way until Kara questioned again.
“What was that?”

“What was what?”

“What happened to me, is that the power I possess? A power fueled with pain?”

“Oh Kara, what happened yesterday is nothing close to the power you possess, when you evolve the refuge put together cannot stop you”

Kara eyes went wide open
“Okay that’s scary, I am scary”

“No it’s not, don’t you get it Kara, you are a goddess, there are many who will kill to have your powers, it’s the more reason you have to be prepared, because your battle has begun…”

©Onyeneke Abel .December 2019 all rights reserved.

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