Kara still had a suspicious look on her face, she ensured there was a reasonable gap between herself and Jason, she didn’t understand the waves that burned through her when he touched her, plus she didn’t want to have the odd feeling again.

“Are you scared of me? I just want to be your friend”

Jason went on when he noticed Kara was trying to keep her distance. She was quiet, strangely quiet that he felt he made the wrong move when he decided to come talk to her.
He was about to excuse himself when she called.
“I don’t know if you are here to mock me like the others, there is something strange about you”
She didn’t want to explain that she felt some connection to him, she felt he might read a different meaning to it.
Jason sat back now, but before he could utter any word Kara’s nightmare, Friya, arrived the scene with her gang to bully Kara as usual.
“What is this thing doing with you Jason?”
She pointed out with disgust.
Kara held her forehead, she had always tried her best to avoid friya; Friya always made life miserable for her in the refuge, she knew quite well that once the issue gets to Simra, Friya might get kicked out of the refuge, but she felt it was something she should handle on her own.
“Friya please, let her be”
Jason came to the rescue but it wasn’t enough to appease the blonde.
“Look here bitch, Jason is mine and mine alone! You think a powerless freak like you can have him?”

“Friya you can have him alright, can you please leave me to think?”
Kara was getting tired of the situation, she hated herself anytime Friya came around.

“Is that the respect I taught you? Huh?”
Friya was a vampire, she had speed and of course super strength. She sped and picked Kara by her neck.
“Friya enough!”
Jason tried to stop Friya from doing anymore damage but he was no match for the vampire, she waved him metres away with her other hand and picked Kara off the ground as she strangled the life out of her.
Her fangs were out to do more damage when Gabrielle, a member of her supposed gang called out.
“Friya, that’s enough, you are gonna kill her”
Kara was a bit surprised when Friya listened and threw her to the ground.
Jason was nowhere to be found when she looked out for him so after she spat on Kara she left unsatisfied, she still felt Kara deserved more than what she got, Kara should know she doesn’t belong to the refuge, that she is a curse!

“Are you okay?”
It was Jason, Kara could not believe Jason would hide, she actually thought he had some supernatural powers that he could use in defending himself.
“Why didn’t you do anything, you are powerless too?”
Jason smiled a little, he stretched forth his hand and touch her forehead, instantly all her wounds healed up.
“No I am not, they call me the copy”

“What’s that?”
Kara asked when they both sat back.
“What’s the copy”

“I can copy any supernatural powers and use it for a period of time. Like now, when I healed you, it wasn’t my power, It was yours”
Kara shot him that disbelief look before she made a scoff and replied.
“I don’t have powers mister, if you are here to mock me then just say so and for the record I just met you okay, I really don’t know what you want from me, please…please just stay away, I don’t want anymore trouble”
Three days after was the night of the full moon; Simra was summoned by the elders, the unspeakable has happened.

“Explain this Simra, this castle is meant to be a place of refuge not an harbour of evil”
The elders complained as they stared at the lifeless bodies arraigned in a row just by the entrance to the elders Chamber.
“It must be the girl, the evil girl, the curse has started, we are all doomed”
More complains arosed as the physician inspected the bodies.

“This is darkness, a dark magical creature called the Griffin”
Micheal the physician called out to Simra as he carried out his inspection.
“Why would a Griffin come after the refuge?”

“One thing, the priestess… The priestess moon light powers is the only reason a Griffin would be here, but the confusing thing is the Griffin is no match for the priestess and the priestess is certainly not here, except there is another person here with the powers of a priestess”
Micheal went on and Simra could only think of one thing, Kara is in grace danger!

“Simra what do we do? It’s certainly going to come after her and Kara cannot defend herself, we can’t help her either because we are no match for a Griffin”
Lia complained when Simra was back in her Chambers.
Simra was quiet as she paced to and fro.

“Quiet Lia I am thinking”

“Well there is no time to think, the Griffin is going to kill more children and eventually get to Kara”

“What’s coming for me?”
Kara walked into the scene with questionable eyes.
With a sigh Simra drew Kara close with her mind and brought her to sit.
“First Kara you need to know that you are the most powerful being on this planet”
Kara made an attempt to talk but Simra was quick to hush her.
“Second you should know your life is in danger, it’s time you use your powers”

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