Sally listened through telepathy and yes! She could hear the hearts of a thousand people in the castle beating hard for fear! Kara has shown no sign of life since she was thrown into the pool and Sara was already an impending explosion, ready to burn the castle to the ground.

Minutes gone it was quite obvious the lad would not make it, the ground on which Sara stood began to vibrate. 

“All of you, get out now!”

Arthur screamed when he saw Sara going Meta, he knew if she did, it would be the end of the refuge.

Her eyes glowed white and her dragone could be heard in a distance, roaring with fire as it approached the refuge!

Her staff stood upright, her veins all stretched up to her eyes and then she swiftly took hold of the staff and let out a loud scream! The force field around her went for and explosion that would rend the castle in two but someone stopped it, someone small and little.

Kara teleported out of the pool and stood just in time when Sara let out an explosive wrath of her powers. As young as she was, she could not help but get scared, unintentionally her powers were loosed and in a twinkle of an eye, she returned time. She watched as her father called for everyone to evacuate the building, she watched as Sally hurried to throw her into the pool, she watched as Arthur tried persuading Sara to throw her into the pool, she watched as Sara had waved the keeper off and drew her back her back into her arms. It was all confusing to her small mind and when it seemed she was in another world where things were moving backwards she cried with her tiny voice.

“Make it stop”

And it did stop with the keeper instructing 

“Throw her into the pool”

And as expected Sara screamed out.


Kara called and all eyes turned to her. Sara searched for Kara in her arms but she realized her arms were folded to her chest with no lad in it. She would have swore she had Kara in her arms, and for the record Kara was dying, how the hell is she standing before her all well?

“Well well well, what do we have here? A time shifter I see”

It seemed only the keeper understood what had transpired.

She picked Kara into her arms and whispered.

“You would do wonders little one”

But then it began to get ugly as the moon went dark immediately, the child was awake and it didn’t take long for the moon elites to realise that.

The weather began to get set for mass destruction but the keeper had a plan B, she wore the child a necklace and viam! The weather cleared up!
“What’s that? What did you put on her?”

Sally questioned suspiciously.

“It’s the canvan bracelet, moulded into a necklace”

The keeper explained and gave the child to her mother.

Sara folded her child in her arms so strongly, she never wanted to let go but she knew she had to, she had to leave Kara in the care of the refuge now. Her presence in the refuge would only draw enemies to her daughter.

She was going to go back to the castle and raged thunder on each and every one of them.

But the keeper had another agenda, after the evening’s meal both Sara, Arthur and Sally fell into a deep slumber. The keeper had soiled their food with an enchantment that they should remain asleep forever; well of course the only witch powerful enough to break such spell was Ariel who had been murdered by Gaza.

She had them locked up in a tomb deep beneath the castle.

“Why would you do that to them Simra”

The keeper’s true follower, Lia questioned

“It’s for the best, Kara would never learn if she has the understanding that her parents would always be there for her. She has to believe they left her behind.”

The keeper explained.

“But that would break her”

Lia tried to make a point

“No it would make her angry and an angry Kara is what I need”

“What if she finds out we are responsible for her parents disappearance?

Simra, the keeper, took a little time to reply Lia. She had Kara in her arms; she smolded the little girl’s hair who slept peaceably and after giving it a deep thought she replied.

“Well let’s hope she never finds out, else we are all doomed”
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